PMG's Featured Note of the Month: Ecuador 5,000 Sucres

Posted on 6/20/2023

This banknote celebrating the Galapagos Islands is perfect for International Day of the Tropics, which is June 29.

Ecuador, Banco Central 1996-99 5,000 Sucres graded PMG 67 Superb Gem Unc EPQ
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Country: Ecuador

Catalog Number: 128c

Date: 1996-99

Denomination: 5,000 Sucres

Varieties: In addition to Pick# 128c, the PMG Population Report also contains examples of Pick# 128a and 128b (which differ in their dates) as well as various specimens.

What makes it special? The back of this note highlights some of the animals of the Galapagos Islands, notably the Galapagos Tortoise. June 29 is International Day of the Tropics, which celebrates the diversity of tropical nations as well as challenges that they face. The nation of Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands about 500 miles west of its Pacific coastline, lies entirely within the tropics. The equator bisects both mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Did you know? The Galapagos Tortoise is the largest species of tortoise, with one holding the world record weight for a tortoise at 919 pounds. There are a dozen living subspecies and two extinct subspecies. Charles Darwin visited the islands in 1835 and collected some of the tortoises. One of the oldest tortoises ever recorded was Harriet, who was thought to be about 175 years old when she died at an Australia zoo in 2006.

Total graded by PMG: As of June 2023, the PMG Population Report includes 58 examples of Pick# 128c, as well as two each of Pick# 128a and 128b. The PMG Population Report also records 6 Specimens of this note.

PMG median grade: PMG 66 Gem Uncirculated EPQ.

PMG highest graded: The PMG Population Report lists 4 examples in PMG 68 Superb Gem Uncirculated EPQ.

Sales highlights: A Specimen graded PMG 65 Gem Uncirculated EPQ realized $53 in September 2016 through Heritage Auctions. Several examples of Pick #128c are listed on eBay for under $30.

PMG Registry: This note is part of two categories, including Banco Central Del Ecuador Set, P84-P130, where an example of Pick# 128c graded PMG 68 Superb Gem Uncirculated EPQ appears in ColonialCoinsUK's Ecuador-Banco Central set. The note is also part of the Printed By BCDE Set, P126-P130, where an example of Pick# 128c graded PMG 65 Gem Uncirculated EPQ appears in RAMKUMAR SAKKARAJA's Ram Ecuador printed BCDE.

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