PMG Videos

PMG Certifies Phenomenal Canadian Banknote Rarity

PMG has certified an incredibly rare Canadian banknote that recently sold for more than $400,000.

PMG Certifies Earliest-Known Fully Issued Hong Kong Banknote

Dix Noonan Webb offered this exceptional numismatic discovery in August 2021.

PMG Certifies British Rarities from the Dauer Collection

The selections include two elusive high-denomination White Notes as well as two 1928 notes with a revolutionary design and low serial numbers.

2020 PMG Registry Awards Winners

Each year, PMG recognizes the top collectors and collections in the PMG Registry. We thank you for sharing your collections with us and the world!

CoinWeek IQ: Grading Currency Notes on Location at PMG

How does PMG process and grade paper money? We sought the answer to these questions in our visit to PMG headquarters in Sarasota, Florida.