PMG Affiliates

PMG is affiliated with many of the world's largest and most respected names in numismatics. It also has five offices, 22 Official Submission Centers and thousands of Authorized Dealers around the world.

PMG International Locations

PMG has international locations in London, UK; Munich, Germany; Shanghai, China; and Hong Kong, China.

PMG Strategic Partners

Official Submission Centers

PMG Educational Partners

Authorized Dealers

Many Authorized Dealers accept submissions from collectors.
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Authorized Dealers and Official Submission Centers are independent from, and unaffiliated with, PMG. PMG and its affiliates are not responsible for the services provided by these companies and have no liability in connection with their services. PMG recommends that you carefully evaluate Authorized Dealers and Official Submission Centers prior to using their services. If you have any questions regarding their services, please reach out to the Authorized Dealer or Official Submission Center directly.