PMG's Featured Note of the Month: Ionian Islands 5,000 Drachmai

Posted on 3/15/2022

This World War II note shows a likeness of Julius Caesar, the famous Roman leader who was killed on the Ides of March.

Greece / Ionian Islands ND (1941) 5,000 Drachmai graded PMG 64 Choice Uncirculated
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Country: Greece / Ionian Islands

Catalog Number: Pick# M18a

Date: ND (1941)

Denomination: 5,000 Drachmai

Varieties: PMG has also graded examples of Pick# M18b and Pick# M18s (Specimen notes).

What makes it special? The month of March is often associated with the assassination of Julius Caesar on the Ides of March (March 15) in 44 BC. During World War II, Greece was an Allied power until it was defeated by the Italians and Germans in 1941. The Ionian Islands, off the western coast of Greece, were administered by the Italian forces from 1941 to 1943. This note dates from that period.

Did you know? Caesar's military career is perhaps most famous for his success in what today is France. But a key moment for him came in 48 BC at the Battle of Pharsalus in Greece. His army defeated one led by his chief rival, Pompey, allowing Caesar to consolidate power.

Total graded by PMG: PMG has graded 49 examples of Pick# M18a, and five more of related varieties: Pick# M18b, M18br and M18s.

PMG median grade: For Pick# M18a, the median is PMG 63 Choice Uncirculated EPQ.

PMG highest graded: There are 2 examples of Pick# M18a in PMG 66 Gem Uncirculated EPQ as of March 2022.

Sales highlights: A Pick# M18a graded PMG 63 Choice Uncirculated realized $152 in a January 2017 Heritage sale.

PMG Registry: This note is part of Biglietto A Corso Legale Per Le Isole Jonie, 1941 ND Issue, M11-M18, which is currently led by ioannis68's Ionian set. The set boasts an 87% completion rate and the note with the most points is an example of Pick# M18a graded PMG 65 Gem Uncirculated EPQ.

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