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NGC and PMG are industry-leading certification services for collectible coins and paper money, respectively. To support the numismatic hobbies, NGC and PMG continuously maintain and develop comprehensive online tools and content that are made available for free and in multiple languages online.

Trusted globally, NGC and PMG attract a large, diverse and highly engaged audience to their websites. According to SimilarWeb, receives nearly 50% more traffic than the website of its closest competitor.1

Convert this traffic into increased awareness and sales for your business. NGC and PMG offer the following advertising options:

Website Audience Approx. Monthly Impressions
NGCcoin.com2 US / Global 4,500,000 China 150,000 Hong Kong, China <100,000 Germany <100,000 United Kingdom <100,000
PMGnotes.com3 US / Global 400,000 China <100,000 Hong Kong, China <100,000 Germany <100,000 United Kingdom <100,000
Ad Sizes Available Requirements
  • 728x90 (Desktop)
  • 160x600 (Desktop)
  • 300x250 (Mobile)
  • Maximum size: 150 KB
  • File format: JPG, PNG or GIF


  • Minimum 100,000 impressions
  • Contact for pricing
  • Ads cannot contain any competitor products

Email Advertising Opportunities

NGC and PMG also offer email advertising opportunities to our list of more than 70,000 subscribers. For pricing, contact CCG Marketing via the contact information below. All email marketing efforts, such as special pricing and discounts, must be consistent with the current marketing policies of NGC and PMG.

For more information and to advertise, contact CCG Marketing at 941-360-3994 or

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