PMG Registry Featured Set: Error Notes

Posted on 1/17/2023

This set is an excellent introduction to the various types of mistakes that can happen when notes are produced.

Smears, Stuck Digits, Board Breaks and Butterflies — these are but a few of the types of errors one can find in a comprehensive collection of US Small Size paper money errors by D. Myers, found here.

Paper money collectors are fascinated by error notes. Winner of a 2022 PMG Registry Award for this set, D. Myers has his own twist on collecting these rarities. He has a particularly discerning eye as he hails from a background of detecting counterfeits and altered documents. Featuring errors both big and small, this set is not to be missed.

An Ink Smear Error in the PMG Registry Set.
Click image to enlarge.

The presentation of this set offers an artistic lesson in errors for everyone to enjoy. From ink smears, stuck digits and inverted watermarks, to double denominations and star errors, it is such a comprehensive compilation that our PMG senior judges were notably impressed.

If you are curious about the mechanics behind paper money errors, PMG periodically posts articles on certain paper money errors, like this one here. For our curious readers, you may find more descriptions of errors here, on

Thank you, D. Myers, for sharing your numismatic knowledge and your amazing assembly of errors for the entire PMG collecting community to enjoy. Congratulations on your well-earned award! We wonder what other examples will appear in this extensive set in 2023!

Would you like your set to be chosen for a future article? 100% completion in a set is not always feasible. Our team features sets with thoughtful comments and images for their set descriptions and notes. It may be your set! Stay tuned.

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