Congratulations to the 2022 PMG Registry Award Winners!

Posted on 1/6/2023

The PMG Registry continues to grow and now includes over 100,000 notes and over 18,000 sets. To all PMG Registry participants, thank you for sharing your collections with us and the world!

Each year, PMG recognizes the top collectors and collections in the PMG Registry. This year, three winners were selected in each of the Best US Set, Best World Set and Best Presented Set categories. In addition, we named one winner in the “DeRocker Award for Outstanding Achievement” category. Winners of major PMG Registry awards receive a personalized plaque, an icon of recognition next to their PMG Registry set and a $500 PMG grading credit!

Our team of judges reviewed the top sets across every category in the PMG Registry. After much consideration, they have made their selections. View the winners in the video below or by reading on. Congratulations to our stellar 2022 winners!

DeRocker Award for Outstanding Achievement

John DeRocker

The Overall Achievement Award for 2022 goes to none other than the late John DeRocker. One of PMG and the hobby's major influencers in Small Size Federal Reserve Notes, DeRocker has left not only an impression on the PMG Registry, but the world of paper money collecting itself. As a well-known figure, who was notoriously everywhere to be seen and heard, many people were able to learn and adopt his methods and intellect. To say he influenced collectors is an understatement, and the PMG Registry would not be where it is today if not for all of his work and countless hours of dedication.

Many of DeRocker's personal sets will remain among the leaders in the PMG Registry for years to come, as they are filled with a lifetime of passion for banknotes. The impact and memory that he leaves behind is great, and we are honored that we were able to know him. With this, we have elected to retire the Overall Achievement Award and introduce the "DeRocker Award for Outstanding Achievement" in honor of John DeRocker. Congratulations and thank you from all of us!

Best World Sets


EMO COLLECTION has been an instrumental figure in the expansion and refinement of Cuban sets in the PMG Registry and has deservedly earned one of this year's awards in Best World Sets. One significant set that continues to grow in quality and presentation is EMO COLLECTION's Banco Nacional De Cuba, 1949-1995 Issue, P77-P1113, Including Varieties, Issued Notes. All of EMO COLLECTION's sets are of the highest standards, and this one lives up to that. It's easy to see why so many in the Registry have followed suit with EMO COLLECTION, as the influence within Cuban paper money is astounding. Congratulations to EMO COLLECTION for winning one of 2022's Best World Set Awards.

NBU 1991-Date - Fenntucky Mike

Fenntucky Mike comes in this year with a Best World Set Award for the NBU 1991-Date Set of Ukrainian National Bank Notes 1991-Date. This set is incredible in the fact that it is 90% complete with notes receiving an average grade of PMG 68 EPQ. With the set nearly complete in such a high quality, it will be very difficult to knock Fenntucky Mike from the #1 spot. This set not only stands alone in scoring, but also excels in presentation with over 100 images and comments for collectors to enjoy. Look for Fenntucky Mike to continue the rise in the PMG Registry, with many sets spanning several areas.

English Paper Money QEII - Lamb7

Rounding out the group of Best World Set Award winners is Lamb7 with their English Paper Money QEII collection of Queen Elizabeth II Portrait Set, 1960-Date, Complete Including Varieties. With an array of notes in high grade and only a few slots left to fill, the set is ranked #1 enjoying a more than 6,000-point lead. Lamb7 has moved into a strong position and will look to keep the throne in 2023. We'll be watching this area closely as many of these notes are in demand and hitting the PMG Registry with increasing populations since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. We expect to see much more from Lamb7 and would like to congratulate them on receiving one of this year’s Best World Set Awards.

Best US Sets

#1 100 Greatest American Currency Notes, Type Set – Black Bird

Winning a Best US Set Award is not one of the easier tasks when participating in the PMG Registry. When taking on any category, collectors know the strength of the competition and the dedication and quality required to compete with the best of the best. This year we highlight the 100 Greatest American Currency Notes Type Set by Bowers and Sundman. Black Bird made some upgrades to an already vast collection of US material in an outstanding competitive category bringing them to the #2 spot and jumping to 31% completion. Ranking #3 overall, and eclipsing the 1.4-million-point mark with only 663 notes, Black Bird has set himself above the competition in a major way. We'd like to congratulate Black Bird on the amazing work, and we're excited to see what's next from one of our top PMG Registry contenders.

Foxtrot* - HAL9000

Another 2022 Best US Set Award winner is HAL9000, based on his work in one of the PMG Registry's top categories. With the set Foxtrot*, HAL9000 slides into the #2 spot and moves into the Top 10 in overall points. At 95% completion, this set now contends with one of the PMG Registry's all-time leading sets, and will likely be working toward that mark for years to come. Hitting on all cylinders, not a single note in the set is graded less than PMG 65 EPQ. As most of the collection averages Superb Gem grades, it is a wonder how such a group comes together. Congratulations to HAL9000 for earning one of PMG's Best US Set Awards for 2022.

Pennyman's Confederate Notes Complete – Penny Man

Also bringing home one of 2022's Best US Set Awards is Penny Man with his Confederate States of America - Complete Type Sets. The competition and popularity among Confederate Currency have been strong, and in a category with some heavy hitters, Penny Man has been able to place not one, but three sets in the Top 10. In a league of this caliber, having one complete set at the top is an accomplishment, and to have three is unprecedented. At completion rates of 98, 85 and 72%, these sets contain a high-volume of high-quality notes. The focus and determination to accomplish such a feat is admirable and well worth the attention. As a result, we'd like to present Penny Man with one of this year's Best US Set Awards. 

Best Presented Sets

Los Gatos Collection - Los Gatos

2022 was a great year for the Best Presented Set category, and the Los Gatos Collection brings home one of the awards in great fashion. With extensive set descriptions and images including comments for 100% of the collection, this amazing group has everything for all to enjoy. The preface to the collection is a great introduction into some high-quality notes from an interesting time in history. Using the PMG Registry to its full extent, Los Gatos has done a fantastic job of providing a great education while sharing an extraordinary collection. Also part of our Top 50 with an overall rank of #48, congratulations to Los Gatos for winning Best Presented Set for 2022.

Block letters on Series 1902 Large Size Nat'ls $10s and $20s (pre Aug 22, 1925) - ddr70

ddr70 is no stranger to the PMG Registry. They have more than 100 Registry sets and a 100% description score. ddr70 also ranks #33 in total PMG Registry point rankings, which stands as testament to ddr70’s passion for banknotes. This year, ddr70 has earned one of our Best Presented Awards with their set “Block Letters on Series 1902 Large Size Nat’ls $10s and $20s (pre–Aug 22, 1925.)” Their knowledge of banknotes is on full display with this set by providing interesting insights into note populations, geographical highlights, history of issuing banks and descriptions of notes themselves. The in-depth description of each note truly makes for a pleasure to explore their set. ddr70 is a great example for Best Presented by not only displaying a great collection of notes but also by telling the stories behind them. Congratulations to ddr70, and we look forward to seeing more of their work.


If there is a set worth viewing, it is D. Myers' Signature Set Detail: Money Mistakes Error (Type Set) Collection. This vast collection of US errors is a great way for collectors to gain knowledge on errors and their nomenclature. With over 1,000 views, it is clear to see many are taking notice of the display D. Myers has presented. To gather this many different types of errors with such expertise is quite a challenge and takes years of dedication and training to be able to understand and collect at this level. With over 70 different types listed and a high percentage completed, there is no better place in the PMG Registry to see US errors. Congratulations to D. Myers for an exceptional collection and for winning one of 2022's Best Presented Set Awards.

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