New PMG Tool Lets Submitters Confirm Delivery of Their Submission

Posted on 4/30/2021

At, you can confirm delivery of your submission and check PMG's progress opening submissions.

Submitters to Paper Money Guaranty® (PMG®) can now quickly confirm that their submission has been safely delivered to PMG's facility. The Confirm Package Receipt tool is accessible on the main page of, allowing any submitter to enter their shipping tracking number to confirm that it has been delivered to PMG.

PMG will now also post the week of mail being opened by its staff to the PMG Services & Fees page. To find that useful information, visit the PMG Services & Fees page. Packages are opened by PMG personnel in the order in which they are received, with priority given to Express and WalkThrough submissions identified with EX or WK on the shipping box.

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There can sometimes be a delay between the time a package is delivered to PMG and the time that it is visible in PMG’s Submission Tracking feature. As a result, PMG developed the Confirm Package Receipt tool to give submitters the peace of mind that their package has been safely delivered to and securely stored in PMG’s facility.

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Once a package has been opened by PMG personnel, the submission’s status can be tracked through the Submission Tracking feature at To learn more about PMG’s multi-step grading process, click here.

For current turnaround times, click here.

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