PMG Turnaround Times on Target!

Posted on 3/19/2013

The PMG Grading Team gives an enthusiastic update on turnaround times and staff.

Last year PMG turnaround times reached a point where some lower tier submissions were a number of months behind our target turnaround times. While this is indicative of the growth in PMG certification around the world and the strength of the paper money market, we realize that slow turnaround times are a major source of frustration for our submitters.

With this in mind, PMG took significant steps to bring turnaround times back down to an acceptable level. We have added new graders and consultants to our team along with more support staff. Our graders worked late and over many weekends to certify tens of thousands of additional notes. At the same time, we took great care to ensure that PMG maintained its commitment to accuracy, consistency and integrity.

We are pleased to report that as a result of these efforts the turnaround times for most grading tiers are now on time.

We would like to thank you for your patience as we worked to reduce our turnaround times. Expert certification is not something that can be rushed, but we are now better equipped than ever to grade and authenticate notes in a timely manner. We hope that you will continue to support PMG as we provide our services to paper money collectors and dealers around the world.

View PMG’s current service turnaround times and fees.

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