PMG Registry Featured Set: Great Britain

Posted on 5/21/2024

This month's set is a magnificent Bank of England set that belongs to Lamb7.

Recently, exciting news about a new currency hit countless major news sources, including Reuters, BBC, Euronews, Sky News, MoneyWeek and many more. So, what is the fuss all about? The Bank of England announced that the eagerly awaited King Charles III portrait notes will be released on June 5!

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Great Britain notes are quite popular in the PMG Registry. The upcoming King Charles III notes are sure to be a hit with collectors, and they will be a nice addition to many PMG Registry sets. These new notes will be available in five PMG Registry competitive set types (yes, five!, all found here). There are different set options according to your collecting preferences, whether they be large or small. As such, this month we feature a collector who stands high in the ranks of many Bank of England sets, Lamb7. Check out his comprehensive, No. 1-ranked Bank of England, 1902-Date set, found here.

Lamb7 began assembling this collection back in 2021 and currently sits atop 44 other participating sets. His dedication is evident; thus far his set is at 65% completion with quality notes that amass over 74,000 points total! Boasting 110 notes that date as far back to 1902, Lamb7 has gone the extra mile and has included comments, either historical or personal, for all 110 notes! Furthermore, his image gallery, 100% complete, is not to be missed. It is a pictorial showcase of the evolution of Bank of England notes for over a century. Be sure to peruse the extensive slideshow here.

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Thank you, Lamb7, for sharing your extensive PMG-certified England collection for the entire note-collecting community to enjoy.

The PMG Registry annual award race is on! Not only Lamb7 but all PMG collectors, large and small, have a chance to quickly rise to the top of the ranks with the new, small King Charles III Portrait set! Unlike many other Great Britain PMG sets which date back decades, some even more than a century, this new set currently has only four required slots to reach 100%, and the No. 1 rank of this new set is open to anyone! It will be interesting to see what happens with this set type and many others!

If you are interested in further details about the four new Charles III notes, the Bank of England has posted vibrant images of the notes here on as well as an informative video on YouTube.

Would you like your set to be chosen for a future article? 100% completion in a set is not always feasible. Our team features sets with thoughtful comments and images for their set descriptions and notes. It may be your set! Stay tuned.

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We are hard at work planning the 2025 PMG Registry Awards. Check out our exciting announcement here about the upcoming annual awards, including a change in venue! It is never too early to start upgrading your sets!

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