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American Numismatic Association (ANA) logo Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) has been the official grading service of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) since 2007. The ANA is a congressionally chartered nonprofit organization devoted to the education of collectors of money and related items, and to encouraging the study of numismatics. Any person interested in the hobby of numismatics should be a member. Join the ANA today >

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PMG members are also entitled to submit to Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) and Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS), both independent members of the Certified Collectibles Group.

A Brief History of the ANA

Until the 1850s, Americans who collected coins were few in number and largely isolated from one another. As interest in the hobby grew over the next few decades, various individuals published periodicals that sought to provide a forum for the sharing of numismatic information. One of these publications was The Numismatist, launched in 1888 by a physician in Monroe, Michigan, named George F. Heath. A collector and small-time dealer in coins, Heath combined short articles with news items and advertisements of his duplicate coins for sale.

In 1891, Heath posed to his readers the question, “What is the matter with having an American Numismatic Association?” He went on to say, “There is nothing like the alliance of kindred pursuits to stimulate growth and interest.” In answer to his inquiry, four individuals met with Dr. Heath in Chicago that fall, and the American Numismatic Association was born.

Open to all persons of good character who have an interest in coins, currency, medals and tokens, the ANA has grown steadily over the past century and now boasts a membership of around 30,000 individuals and clubs. Members receive its award-winning journal The Numismatist, filled with articles and columns that are both educational and entertaining. ANA members also enjoy free access to the association’s extensive library of books, catalogs, slides, video and audio tapes.

The association hosts several annual conventions, held in various cities on a rotational basis. People seeking to learn even more about their hobby and acquire new skills in subjects such as grading, variety attribution and research can attend the ANA’s annual Summer Seminar at its headquarters in Colorado Springs. Consisting of week-long courses, the conference provides a total immersion in the camaraderie that makes numismatics such a fulfilling hobby for so many.

For More Information

The ANA is located at 818 North Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903.
For more information about the ANA, including museum and library hours, visit their website at or email