It takes more than one note to make a great collection


The Premier Presentation Option for Certified Notes

PMG’s new multi-note holder opens up creative ways for you to showcase your bank note collection, your way. Think of it as getting all the benefits of the PMG holder, times two. Durable, heavy-gauge, high-quality inert material keeps out contaminants and preserves your notes for the long term. The label includes attribution, pedigree, and grade, and other important information.

In addition to giving your notes an added sense of security and consistency, the multi-note holder allows you to easily archive multi-subject sheets, compare and contrast several notes from different eras, or display your collection according to whatever criteria or structure you wish.

Trust PMG to provide you with accurate and consistent grading of paper money. For more information, contact PMG customer service at 1-877-PMG-5570 or e-mail

Examples Sets
Changeover Pair Front and Back Specimen Pair
Uncut Sheet Consecutive Notes
Large Size National Sheet Small Size National Sheet
Canadian Fractional Sheet Custom Presentation
Scrip Small Size
12-Note Sheet