Congratulations to the 2021 PMG Registry Award Winners!

Posted on 1/7/2022

The PMG Registry continues to grow and now includes almost 87,000 notes and over 16,700 sets. PMG Registry participants, we thank you for sharing your collections with us and the world!

Each year, PMG recognizes the top collectors and collections in the PMG Registry. This year, three winners were selected in each of the Best US Set, Best World Set and Best Presented Set categories. In addition, we named one winner in the Overall Achievement in Collecting category. Winners of major PMG Registry awards receive a personalized plaque, an icon of recognition next to their PMG Registry set and a $500 PMG grading credit!

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Our team of judges reviewed the top sets across every category in the PMG Registry. After much consideration, they have made their selections. View the winners in the video below or by reading on. Congratulations to our 2021 winners!

Overall Achievement in Collecting

Alan Collection Malaysia

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the PMG Registry Overall Achievement Award for 2021 is Alan Collection Malaysia. There are a wide range of collectors throughout the PMG Registry who present some of the best collections the world has to offer, and sometimes we have the privilege of seeing a collector with multiple sets that stand out. That is precisely what the profile of Alan Collection Malaysia has for paper money enthusiasts to witness and enjoy.

With sets ranging across 65 different countries, and a high number ranking among the top in the PMG Registry, Alan Collection Malaysia has reached the 1-million-point milestone and risen to the overall ranking of #4 among PMG Registry users. Only 5 members have been able to surpass the 1-million-point mark — a special class of collectors who have a commitment that is of the utmost admiration. In order to achieve such a high accolade within the registry, any collector in this class must dedicate themselves across numerous countries and categories.

Alan Collection Malaysia's commitment to excellence is on display in the PMG Registry and includes many astounding groups of great quality and achievement. PMG is proud to support the phenomenal body of work put together by Alan Collection Malaysia, and some of the most sought-after notes can be seen throughout their collections. The Overall Achievement Award is an accomplishment that is most deserving, and we thank and congratulate Alan Collection Malaysia for all the incredible contributions made to become one of the top representatives within the PMG Registry and the paper money collecting hobby.

Best US Sets

Colonial Valley Collection - Complete Set

In 2021, the activity and competition among collectors produced some fantastic results. That can easily be said for Colonial Valley Collection and their Colonial Valley Collection - Complete Set in the Continental Currency 1775-1779 category. Receiving one of our Best US Set awards for 2021, this set stands alone and is easy to see why it is receiving so much attention.

Colonial Valley Collection has nearly built a complete set of Continental Currency notes, which can be a daunting task due to the rarities and condition commonly seen with this type. Colonial Valley Collection has managed to compile 92 notes at the grade of AU or better with 38 of those grading uncirculated resulting in an average grade of just over 55 per note! With half of the collection also receiving EPQ designations and 10 examples being the current top grade in the PMG population report, the set has jumped into the #1 slot by a slim margin of 600 points.

An astonishing feat already, we look forward to watching Colonial Valley Collection pursue this complete set as well as other areas in the registry and build on their PMG Registry overall ranking of #17. Please join us in congratulating Colonial Valley Collection for their efforts and achievement of one of PMG's Best US Set awards for 2021.

Sgt. MPC - Arbeitdienst

Another top set that achieved one of this year's Best US Set awards is Arbeitdienst's Sgt. MPC set from the MPC Complete Denomination Set (All Printings & Replacements) category. As any collector will see, this set is a challenge and requires complete dedication within the Military Payment Certificate category. With images of each note in the collection, one will see numerous high-grade examples as well as replacements that are often very hard to find.

Arbeitdienst has established a commanding 86,975-point lead that has pushed them into the PMG Registry top 100 by compiling over 160 notes that have scored very well based on both condition and rarity alike. This commitment to top-level material has now placed the set in the award class of 2021, and we congratulate Arbeitdienst for achieving one of PMG's Best US Set awards.

Corey's Small Size Silver Certificate $1 Set, Complete with Star Notes and All Blocks – coreyrey12

Every year we see the competition heat up in US Small Size, and 2021 saw that continue with Corey's Small Size Silver Certificate $1 Set from coreyrey12 in the Small Size Silver Certificate $1 Set (Complete with Star Notes and All Blocks) category. This is a category that has produced past award winners, and the dedication required to compete in this group may be as demanding as any seen across the PMG Registry.

Coreyrey12 has moved up to the #5 slot with major additions in 2021. It is clear to see the quality of this collection is easily in the top class with an amazing spread of Silver Certificates from 1928-1957. As any US collector will know, the number of notes in this category is immense with the consideration of how many blocks and series were issued. Coreyrey has 82% of the set completed with over 400 images available and has accumulated some beautiful high-grade examples, as well as some of the more difficult rarities from the early Silver Certificate series. Most notable are a 1935D Wide variety star from the *C Block (Fr. 1613W*) graded 66EPQ and a 1928C from the HB Block (Fr. 1603) graded 58EPQ.

With an overall registry rank of #54, coreyrey12 has positioned themselves well within the registry, and we expect to see more great things in Small Size and other potential areas in 2022. Congratulations on a job well done in the Silver Certificate $1 category and bringing home a well-deserved Best US Set for 2021.

Best World Sets

My Cyprus Republic Banknotes – Agatha Collections

PMG's World Registry is growing at an amazing pace and continues to produce some fantastic sets. One of those and also coming away with one of the Best World Sets for 2021 is Agatha Collections' Cyprus, 1914-Date, P1-Date, Complete, Including Varieties set. Sitting at #1 with over 60,000 points and an 8,000+ point lead, this large group of superb examples instantly grabs your attention.

With many highlights throughout the set grading 67EPQ and higher, Agatha Collections has been able to work themselves into the conversation as one our top sets in the world registry. The set is 78% complete, and as more early series notes make their way into the set, it will be very difficult to dethrone Agatha Collections from the top of the Cyprus 1914-Date category. We're proud to congratulate Agatha Collections for their tremendous effort in receiving one of PMG's Best World Sets of 2021.

AB's Bahamas Notes – Brufe

Seeing all of the contributions to the PMG registry across the world categories has been great to watch over the years. Some amazing notes entered the registry in 2021, and one set that stood out was Brufe's AB's Bahamas Notes from the Bahamas, 1898-Date, PA4B-Date, Issued Notes Type Set category.

Winning one of our Best World Sets, this set includes numerous high-grade examples as well as some rarities that have scored well and placed the set at the #1 slot with a commanding 20,000+ point lead. This category has some of the strongest competition from the PMG registry's top contenders, making the task of holding the throne incredibly difficult. Brufe has also included images of this astounding group from the Bahamas for all collectors to enjoy providing great inspiration with beautiful quality.

With an expertise in Caribbean and British Commonwealth, Brufe has moved into the top 50 in ranking and looks to be gaining steam across many categories. We're excited to both see what lies ahead and congratulate Brufe on the achievement of one of PMG's Best World Sets for 2021.

Full set from 1935 to 2021 include replacement – ASH-BOSS

One of the top sets in the PMG registry and easily bringing home one of the awards for Best World Set in 2021 is ASH-BOSS's Full set from 1935 to 2021 include replacement from the Royal Bank of Canada (With Replacements 1935-Date, BC1-Date) category. A category that has produced past award winners and requires as much dedication as any area in the registry, any collector entering this territory must be ready for the challenge.

ASH-BOSS has shown they are certainly up for the challenge, and have been able to accumulate a truly astounding group of notes from Canada 1935-Date. The set is 60% complete and includes nearly 200 images and descriptions of early 1935 and 1937 series as well as a beautiful range of notes from 1954-Date. As one takes a deeper look into this fantastic collection, they will see this group is compiled of a number of notes grading well into the Gem category. That kind of quality is producing scores that have funneled ASH-BOSS to the top ranking in the category with a lead of over 27,000 points!

ASH-BOSS has now cracked into the top 50 in overall rankings, and as they pursue more categories in Canada and other areas of the world, we expect to see that climb among registry contenders continue. Congratulations on receiving one of PMG's Best World Set awards for 2021.

Best Presented Sets

South Africa Rand 1961-1990 - adrian123456

Bringing in one of the Best Presented Sets for 2021 is adrian123456 with South Africa 1961-1990. The fully completed set includes 58 images and descriptions and also sits atop the South African Reserve Bank Rand Set (No Replacements) 1961-1990 category. This set contains numerous top-level grades at 68EPQ and 69EPQ and represents the #1 slot respectively.

A great place to stop when surfing the registry, there are some true beauties on display. With several contributions to South Africa, Rhodesia and Zimbabwe, adrian123456 is establishing himself as a top contender. We look forward to seeing what lies ahead for adrian123456, and congratulations on winning one of PMG's Best Presented Set for 2021.

Banque Du Liban Set, 1964-Date, P61-Date - Fadi Dalileh

Also taking home one of PMG's Best Presented Sets for 2021 is Fadi Dalileh with their Banque Du Liban Set (1964-Date, P-61-Date). This set is 83% complete and contains 66 notes all with images and descriptions for collectors to enjoy. When viewing this set, one will find this collection has attractive appeal as many designs catch the eye with an array of color. Paired with high quality grades, this makes for an exceptional group of notes well deserving of a Best Presented Set award.

Fadi Dalileh has positioned themselves among PMG's top 10 in the registry specializing in paper money of the Middle East, and this set hits the mark as it also ranks #1 for the category. Congratulations to Fadi Dalileh, and we look forward to seeing what is to come as they work to continue their rise in the PMG Registry.

Alan's Silver $1 Set w/ Stars & Blocks - alan339933

Rounding out our Best Presented Sets for 2021 is alan339933 with Alan's Silver $1 Set w/ Stars & Blocks Set. It takes a special type of collector to pursue some of the categories in the PMG Registry, and alan339933 clearly fits the mold with this set in US Small Size. Clearly gaining traction and attention among other collectors, this astounding group of notes has nearly 4,500 views!

Comprised of over 400 notes with images and descriptions, you will also see this set is of the highest quality with the majority grading 65EPQ and higher. Acquiring this kind of volume of top condition notes takes special dedication, and with the attention to detail across the board, we congratulate alan339933 on winning a Best Presented Set for 2021. With tremendous effort in US Small Size, expect to see alan339933 continue to work their way into the top tier of collectors in the PMG Registry in 2022 and beyond.

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