PMG Registry Featured Set: Egyptian Type Set

Posted on 12/21/2021

This month’s featured set belongs to Dr. sherif tayel.

Last month, we honored an impressive set from Malaysia, and now we fly over the Arabian and Red Seas to land by the Nile River, right in the heart of Egypt. We would like to present an extensive PMG Registry set, an Egypt 1913-Date, Type Set by Dr. sherif tayel, found here.

Egypt, National Bank Pick# 11 1914-20 50 Piastres graded PMG About Uncirculated 50.
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Egypt is one of the top-25 most popular countries in the PMG Population Report. With 34 participants, this set category is the most popular of all Egyptian PMG Registry sets. Dr. sherif tayel began assembling his collection only in November of this year and has quickly climbed the ranks to where he currently sits: in first place.

This particular set requires a hefty 101 notes for 100% completion, a daunting task for most. Dr. sherif has added 64 notes thus far and has uploaded images for all! In this set, he shares a popular penchant in paper money collecting: fancy serial numbers. For a lovely visual walk through Egyptian numismatic history, be sure to check out his colorful slideshow here.

Egypt, Central Bank Pick# 57h 2007-8 25 Piastres, Serial Number 1 graded PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ.
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Egypt, Central Bank Pick# 65h 2012 20 Piastres, Serial Number 1 graded PMG Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ.
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Thank you, Dr. sherif tayel, for sharing your unique collection of Egyptian notes for all of the PMG collecting community to enjoy. We look forward to future updates with this set and with your #1 Egypt Specimen set, as well.

Would you like your set to be chosen for a future article? 100% completion in a set is not always feasible. Our team features sets with thoughtful comments and images for their set descriptions and notes. It may be your set! Stay tuned.

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