Congratulations to the 2020 PMG Registry Award Winners!

Posted on 1/8/2021

The PMG Registry continues to grow and now includes more than 13,500 sets. PMG Registry participants, we thank you for sharing your collections with us and the world!

Each year, PMG recognizes the top collectors and collections in the PMG Registry. This year, three winners were selected in each of the Best US Set, Best World Set and Best Presented Set categories. In addition, we named one winner in the Overall Achievement in Collecting category. Winners of major PMG Registry awards receive a personalized plaque, an icon of recognition next to their PMG Registry set and a $500 PMG grading credit!

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Our team of judges reviewed the top sets across every category in the PMG Registry. After much consideration, they have made their selections. View the winners in the video below or by reading on. Congratulations to our winners!

Overall Achievement in Collecting


Simply incredible. It is hard to put into words what is being witnessed in the PMG Registry with ksausa. Taking home the 2020 award for Overall Achievement, this collection is exceptional in every sense and will astound you for hours. Pull up a seat and prepare yourself to be amazed. Ksausa has built a masterpiece with some amazing statistics that reflect a near unmatched compassion for collecting.

Nearly 4,000 notes make up an unbelievable group of U.S. and World notes that has compiled over 1.9 million registry points. Ranking #1 overall, ksausa, holds the PMG Registry crown and is out in front with an ever-so commanding lead of over 600,000 points!

What also is a true pleasure about this collection is how it is being shared with the industry through the PMG Registry. All 3,917 notes have been imaged for viewing. Many collectors work their entire lives to build half of what is present in this incredible group of notes, and having the ability to see and enjoy so many influential notes leaves an everlasting impression on any collector. And many have taken advantage of this presentation as it has received an overwhelming 74,000 views!

Standing alone at the top of the class, ksausa provides an uplifting display with sets spanning across many categories, giving inspiration and admiration to the paper money collecting community. And if competition is what grabs your attention, look no further as ksausa holds the #1 ranking in an astonishing 103 sets! We fully expect to see the climb continue as well as ksausa also ranks #2 in 79 other sets and is closing in on the 2-million-point mark.

Please join us in congratulating ksausa on an amazing collection and for winning the 2020 PMG Registry Overall Achievement Award in extraordinary fashion.

Best US Sets

Small Size Federal Reserve Note $5 Set
By The Rock1

2020 was a competitive year in US Small Size for the PMG Registry, to which The Rock is no stranger. With several sets placing The Rock among top collectors, the $5 Federal Reserve Set is one that deserves some attention. As one begins to view the set, it is clear to see that quality is of the highest priority. With a multitude of superb gems and stars to boot, this set includes some of the finest Small Size Federal Reserve Notes the registry has to offer.

This attention to quality is what gives this set a much deserving award as The Rock will not settle for anything less than top condition notes. Look for this set to soon rest at the top as only two slots keep it from 100% completion. The Rock comes in this year at #3 in total points and continues to be a strong presence. Congratulations on receiving one of 2020's Best US Set Awards.

San Francisco District - SSFRN $5 Set (Regular Issue with Stars)
By Gnat

Earning another one of our Best US Sets for 2020 is Gnat with an exceptional San Francisco $5 District Set. It was a difficult decision selecting this set as one of our favorites this year due to the extensive profile Gnat has built. This $5 set is one of many sets to hold the top spot and possesses many outstanding notes. Multiple slots are filled with superb gem quality notes with some reaching 68EPQ and 69EPQ marks at which can be very difficult to achieve.

With an astounding increase of over 50,000 points and eclipsing the 80% mark for the set, Gnat has cemented themselves as one of heavyweights in US Small Size. Everything's right, so just hold tight as Gnat is only moving upward in the PMG registry. Congratulations on being one of our much-deserved 2020 recipients in Best US Sets.

Fractional Currency Complete Set, P1226-P1381
By tomtomtomtom

Every so often the PMG Registry produces sets that will impress all levels of collectors. The notes presented in tomtomtomtom's Fractional Currency Complete Set have earned the award for a Best US Set, and represent a group that is no easy task. Taking on any complete set in the registry is not for the faint at heart, and tomtomtomtom has stepped up to the challenge.

As this set is over 80% completed with 111 notes in total, the greatest feat of the collection may be the level of quality that extends throughout the set. Fractional Currency can be one of the toughest areas to achieve EPQ with many examples being mounted for display across collections. As tomtomtomtom demonstrates with this collection, with dedication, one can seek and find some heavy things existing and make a serious mark in the PMG registry. Congratulations to tomtomtomtom for receiving a Best US Set award for 2020.

Best World Sets

Saudi Arabia, 1953-Date, Complete, P1-Date, Issued Notes
By Anas Bilal

Looking at the Saudi Arabia 1953-Date Complete Set by Anas Bilal, one will see near perfection. Sitting at the top of the category and sporting six 70* notes, this set is one to admire. Yes, six 70*'s! High grades span the set and grab solid point totals with many notes sitting at 68EPQ and above. With 100% of the set complete, Anas will look to make upgrades and maintain the lead heading into 2021. Anas is also working in other areas to become a top collector, having cracked into the top 150 collectors amassing now over 50,000 points.

Saudi Arabia and other nations from the Middle East continue to gain steam in the market, and this display is an excellent representation for the PMG Registry and that growth. With other sets from this region reaching completion, look for Anas to continue to build on this award. Congratulations on this achievement of one of our Best World Sets for 2020.

Poland, 1916-Date, P1-Date, Issued Notes Only
By Banknociarz

It's quite remarkable how the world markets continue to become more and more popular among collectors. With this increasing interest, many sets are entering the registry with a splash. Banknociarz's Poland 1916-Date Set is one of those sets. Winning one of PMG's Best World Sets for 2020, it possesses many notes that, put together, cast a shade over the competition.

Ranked #1 with 75% completed, the set has built a lead that extends over 11,000 points. This gap leaves nothing but a trail of EPQ dust for those looking to gain ground on Banknociarz. With 144 notes in total, this has been a primary focus for Banknociarz, and it has paid off. Collecting not only a nice group of Polish banknotes, but also one of 2020's Best World Sets, congratulations Banknociarz.

India Complete, 1917-Date, P1-Date
By AnthonyGodinho

Zoned in and moving through the PMG Registry is one of our Best World Set winners for 2020, Anthony Godinho. Making fantastic progress this year, and working to compete in a strong category, Anthony has put together a wonderful group of notes in the India 1917-Date Complete Set. Now at 91% with over 100 notes in the collection, Anthony has put themselves in 3rd place with an excellent shot to catapult in 2021.

This category is one of the more difficult ones across the PMG Registry and has produced some past winners. One thing that stands out along with the impressing quality of the notes is the amount of detail put into the set. With nearly 100 images, many collectors have come to see this amazing set as it leads the category with 1,553 views. Taking full advantage of the PMG Registry, Anthony is working to leave a mark not only in India's many categories, but many other areas as well. Now ranked at #32 overall, congratulations to Anthony Godinho for winning one of 2020's Best World Sets.

Best Presented Sets

Banco Nacional de Cuba 1949 - 1960 Issues
By BJG Cuba

A stunning set that has made a great impact on the PMG Registry is that of BJG Cuba's Banco Nacional De Cuba 1949-1960 Issues Set. An incredible Cuban collection of issued, Specimen and Proof notes, as well as a large section of courtesy autographs, this collection is one to see. BJG Cuba has compiled a group that represents a variety of areas and lays the groundwork for how to present a set.

The representation of different types, along with images for the collecting community to enjoy, shows how Signature Sets can be used to display a wide variety of notes of great quality and interest. It's quite astounding to see how many were swept away with this set as it has received as over 6,000 views, and will also be deservedly receiving one of 2020's Best Presented Sets award. Congratulations to BJG Cuba on a job well done.

Gradually, Then Suddenly
By Revenant

Revenant comes away with one of PMG's Best Presented Set awards for 2020 with a fantastic effort and addition of the Gradually, Then Suddenly Set of Zimbabwe currency. This Signature Set is a collection that tells the story of Zimbabwean currency from creation in 1980 to current date. An interesting story of hyper-inflation created denominations that are not seen anywhere else in the currency world. Seeing these denominations of 1 Billion, 1 Trillion and even as high as 100 Trillion Dollars, is a great way to see the currency's history and economic crisis unfold.

Revenant has done an amazing job of taking a passion and interest and sharing it with the collecting community. This set possesses over 100 notes and images, and in a short time has eclipsed the 1,000 views mark. We always love to see the connection between passion and collecting take place, and this set deserves that attention. Congratulations to Revenant (and Samuel) on taking home one of 2020's Best Presented Sets.

Nicaragua: The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes
By Love Collection

Delivering a set to the PMG Registry that leaves the viewer with an interest and understanding of the collection can be a difficult task. Love Collection makes it look simple with the Nicaragua Complete 1900-Date, P28-Date set titled, The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes. The amount of time and effort is easy to see when one takes a look at the number of notes and descriptions in this vast Nicaraguan set.

With 144 notes including detailed information pertaining to each note, it is obvious this set has earned a place with the award winners of 2020 Best Presented Sets. Along with the phenomenal presentation, the set ranks #1 in the category with over 62,000 points. In a short time, Love Collection has created strong interest and competition in the PMG registry. With this kind of passion and attention to detail, it would not be a surprise to see Love Collection in the hunt for other awards as a broad profile appears to be in the works. Thank you for your tremendous effort and display, and congratulations on being one of our Best Presented Set recipients for 2020.

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