PMG Commences Scrip Certification

Posted on 10/2/2007

PMG is now certifying scrip. Scrip will be eligible for certification using regular grading tier rates. The same PMG grading scale used for currency will be used for scrip, and the EPQ designation will be awarded to notes when applicable.

Scrip is privately issued currency honored by local merchants in times or places of currency shortage. In the post-Civil War period scrip was widely issued to sustain local markets while coins and legal tender currency were being hoarded. Unlike Obsolete Currency, which was issued by banks, scrip was issued by companies and utilities, which often used it interchangeably with or slightly discounted to legal tender. During the years from 1933 through 1936, many municipalities, counties and states issued Depression Scrip to pay workers. College currency, used for training, is another form of collectible scrip eligible for PMG certification.

To submit scrip for PMG certification, the regular submission form should be used and the appropriate tier selected according to the note’s value. When a known catalogue number can be provided, for example from a State reference such as that used for Ohio or Minnesota currency, it should be included on the submission form. Such verifiable catalogue numbers will be included on the certification label. A forthcoming reference for commission scrip is also used by PMG. In cases where catalogue numbers are not known, PMG will create one for the purpose of building a more comprehensive reference of scrip currency.

It is intended that scrip will be reported in forthcoming editions of the PMG Census. PMG certified scrip is also immediately eligible for inclusion in the Signature Sets section of the PMG Registry.

PMG Certified Scrip

Ryholite, Nevada. November 30, 1907 Series C, $20 Rhyolite Clearing House Certificate.
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San Francisco, California. November 15, 1907 Series B, $10 Northern Electric Company.
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Detroit, Michigan. June 10, 1933 Specimen Series A, $10 City of Detroit.
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Oakland, California. Commission Scrip, $5 W. Wilson.
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