Featured PMG Registry Set Has 33% of 100 Greatest US Notes

Posted on 3/17/2020

This month’s featured set belongs to Sheik Sheck.

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For those collectors who are new to us, welcome! Every month, we feature a new PMG Registry set in our monthly news. The set might be created by one of our new members who has just started to build their collection or by one of our many  veteran collectors who have invested time and effort in presenting their notes.

This month, we feature a carefully crafted, historical collection of US currency by Sheik Sheck. You may view his collection at Sheik's 100 Greatest.

$1 1899 Silver Certificate Fr. 226a Lyons | Robert graded PMG 65 EPQ Gem Uncirculated.
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This PMG set type, 100 Greatest American Currency Notes, Type Set, by Bowers and Sundman, was just released in January of 2020. Given the historical nature of this set type, the selection of required notes encompasses a few hundred years!

Despite that, Sheik Sheck’s set already is 33% complete — no easy task. This collector’s set is noteworthy on many levels. He has taken the time to upload beautiful images, front and back, for every note. The artistry of every note’s design is clearly visible for all to enjoy. Take some time to view the gallery slideshow here.

Also, Sheik Shek has added detailed comments for all his notes. Every comment is thoughtful, offering historical facts and some personal and humorous anecdotes.

Thank you, Sheik, for sharing your passion for collecting with the PMG community. We look forward to your future updates!

Have you added interesting, personal comments to your set descriptions and for each of your notes? Have you taken the time to upload quality photos to complement your PMG Registry Set? If so, you may be chosen for next month’s feature!

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