PMG Offers Special Label for the 20th Anniversary of the Return of Sovereignty of Macau Banknotes

Posted on 9/27/2019

PMG has created a special label to commemorate the banknotes that pay tribute to the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Macau, China Special Administrative Region.

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) is offering a special label that celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Return of Sovereignty of Macau, China banknotes.

Jointly issuing by the two issuing banks in Macau, the pair of new commemorative banknotes will each have a denomination of 20 patacas and feature the bronze sculpture “Lotus Flower in Full Bloom” on the front side. The 6-meter-tall sculpture, which is located in the Golden Lotus Square, was presented by the government of the People's Republic of China to the Macau Special Administrative Region in 1999, the year sovereignty was transferred from Portugal. At the right of the note is an image of the headquarters of the issuing bank.

The back of the note shows a dramatic view of the two central towers of the Hong Kong, China-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB). The towers have a shape reminiscent of a Chinese knot, representing cultural and economic links among Hong Kong(China), Macau(China) and Mainland China. Measuring 55 kilometers, the bridge is an engineering marvel connecting Hong Kong(China), Macau(China) and Zhuhai, three important cities in the Pearl River Delta. Officially opened on October 24, 2018, it significantly cuts the commuting time among the three cities and promotes economic growth throughout the region.

The special PMG label celebrates the new issues by showing the iconic sculpture with characters “20th anniversary” in the color of the Macau flag. The special label will be available by request for no additional fee until December 31, 2020.

The online registration for the exchange of the banknotes commenced in August, and the banknotes can be picked up starting October 21, 2019. Along with the pair, four previously issued Chinese zodiac banknotes (Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig), are also available. The Chinese zodiac banknotes can be encapsulated with PMG’s beloved Chinese zodiac series of labels. Each label bears a charming zodiac animal in a red paper-cut style and is available by request for an additional $5 fee. For more information about PMG’s Chinese Zodiac labels, click here.

Notes received by PMG within the first 30 days of release will be eligible for PMG's popular EARLY RELEASES and FIRST RELEASES designations. Learn more about PMG Early Releases and First Releases click here. For PMG Early Releases / First Releases cutoff dates, click here.

Submission Instructions

  • Submit notes under the PMG Modern grading tier or higher.
  • All notes submitted must be graded.
  • If you would like packaging returned, select “Return Packaging” on the PMG Submission Form. The fee is $5 per form, plus the cost of shipping.

The following designations are available for the 20th Anniversary of the Return of Sovereignty of Macau banknotes:

Designation options Fee Directions
Early Releases +$10 per note On the submission form, select Early Releases.
See cut-off dates here.
First Releases +$10 per note On each submission form, select First Releases.
See cut-off dates here.
(No Releases Designation)   By default

The following labels are available for the 20th Anniversary of the Return of Sovereignty of Macau banknotes:

Label options Fee Directions

Standard PMG Green #0001
Free By default

Macau 20th Anniversary #0139
per label

until December 31, 2020
By request (Enter Macau 20th Anniversary #0139 on your PMG submission form.)


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Bulk Submissions

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