PMG Offers Label for Singapore Bicentennial Notes

Posted on 6/13/2019

A special label is being offered by PMG to commemorate the notes that celebrate the 200th anniversary of the establishment of Singapore. This label is available by request for no additional fee until December 31, 2019.

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) is offering a special label for the 2019 $20 commemorative notes that Singapore is issuing to celebrate its bicentennial.

Note: This special label will be available by request for no additional fee until December 31, 2019. After that date, it will be available for a $5 (USD) fee per note.

Modern-day Singapore traces its roots to the establishment of a British port in 1819. That trading post grew into an international business hub with a population of more than 5 million, a nation that today has a gross domestic product per capita that is among the highest in the world.

2019 Singapore Bicentennial Commemorative $20
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The front of the note shows Yusof Ishak, who served as the first president of Singapore from 1965 (when it separated from Malaysia) until his death in 1970. At the center of the note is the National Gallery Singapore, an art museum whose complex previously housed the Supreme Court Building and City Hall.

The back of the note shows eight pioneers who made significant contributions to Singapore's history, including Munshi Abdullah, a writer who moved to Singapore in 1819. A vintage view of Singapore is shown in the foreground, contrasting with modern skyscrapers situated toward the horizon.

The special PMG label celebrates these notes by showing a modern Singapore cityscape. This label is available at no additional fee for a limited time, provided notes are submitted according to the special submission instructions below.

Submission Instructions

  • Submit the Singapore Bicentennial $20 commemorative notes under any applicable PMG grading tier. These notes must be submitted on a separate PMG Submission Form to receive the special label.
  • Write "Singapore Bicentennial Label #0126" in bold letters on the PMG Submission Form to request this special label. The Special Label Fee is waived for notes received before December 31, 2019.
  • Notes received by PMG within 30 days of release are eligible for the “Early Releases” or “First Releases” special designations. There is an additional fee of $10 (USD) per note for the special designation verification and attribution. If you would like the Early Releases or First Releases designation, select the appropriate box on the submission form. Submissions must be received by PMG on or before Wednesday, July 10, 2019 to be eligible for the Early Releases and First Releases designations. See cutoff dates >
  • If you would like the original packaging returned, select “Return Packaging” on the PMG Submission Form. If Return Packaging is selected, there will be an additional fee of $5 (USD) per invoice, as well as an additional shipping cost, depending on the weight of the packaging.
  • If you are submitting an uncut sheet of three notes, select PMG Custom Holder (Small) for an additional fee of $25 (USD).

Questions? In Hong Kong, contact PMG Customer Service at or +852 2115-3639. Outside of Hong Kong, contact PMG Customer Service at or 1-877-PMG-5570 (1-877-764-5570).

Paid PMG Collector members can submit their notes directly to PMG. Not a member? Paid memberships start at just $25 (USD)/year. Join today >

Submissions in Singapore may be made through Mavin International (an Official Submission Center for PMG) or through a PMG Authorized Dealer.

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