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Posted on 2/19/2019

16 new sets have been recently added to the PMG Registry.

The continued diversity of collectors’ requests for the PMG Registry is really quite amazing to witness. With PMG sets from China to Croatia, Yemen and many more, we are happy to encompass all your collecting interests. We enjoy hearing for you; please keep those requests coming!

Check out our list of new sets below:



  • National Bank of the Serbian Republic - Krajina, 1993 Issue, R20-R29


  • Banco Internacional Guatemala, 1878-1926 Issue, S151-S161


  • Bank of Bombay, 1846-1854 Issue, S100-S104


  • Bank Marcazi Iran, 1981 ND First Issue, P127-P131

Iraq (new category)

  • Central Bank of Iraq, 2013-2015 Issue, P97-P103


Italian States, Banca Nazionale (Pick# S731), 1869-73 1 Lira
graded PMG 35 Choice Very Fine
Click image to enlarge.


  • El Estadodo de Sonora, Hermosillo, Decree No. 13 of August 27, 1913, S1069-S1076
  • Banco de Tabasco, 1901-1903 Issue, S424-S428


  • Provisional Siberian Administration (Second), 1919 Issue, S864-S867


  • Banco de la Coruna, 1857 Issue, S301-S306


  • 1861 First Kaime Issue, P33-P35A
  • 1861 Second, Third, and Fourth Kaime Issue, P36-P41

Yemen, YAR & South Arabia (new category)

  • Central Bank of Yemen, 2009 Issue, P35-P36, Complete, Including Varieties
  • Central Bank of Yemen, 1979-1985 ND Issues, P16B-P21A

Many of our new sets are based upon customer requests. We enjoy hearing your collecting ideas and are happy to offer sets based in your areas of interest. If you have other ideas for new competitive PMG Registry sets, please reach out to us. You may reach us easily via email at with new ideas or if you need assistance with the website. Our team is happy to help.

If you're not familiar with the PMG Registry, take some time to explore it and see the many collecting options that are available. It is completely complimentary. Currency collectors can arrange Signature Sets based upon individual, personal collecting criteria, or complete existing competitive sets. Tracking inventory is easier than ever and with expansive slideshow and gallery views, your treasured collection can be fully viewable and well organized. Do you need help? Click below for our help links:


Do you have questions about the PMG Registry? Let us know exactly what your needs are. We look forward to seeing your notes in the PMG Registry. Reach us easily via email at

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