Featured Note of the Month: February 2019

Posted on 2/19/2019

Macau, China commemorative note celebrates the Lunar New Year 2019: The Year of the Pig

2019 Macau, China "Year of the Pig" Commemorative 10 Patacas (Pick Unlisted), front
PMG graded Superb Gem Uncirculated 68 EPQ
Click image to enlarge.

2019 Macau "Year of the Pig" Commemorative 10 Patacas (Pick Unlisted), back
PMG graded Superb Gem Uncirculated 68 EPQ
Click image to enlarge.

Country: Macau
Catalog Number: Not listed as of the 24th edition of the modern Pick book.
Date: 2019
Denomination: 10 Patacas
Varieties: Two similar notes were released simultaneously, one by Banco da China, the other by Banco Nacional Ultramarino. There are slight variations in the two notes, but the central design of the pig and temple are the same. The note pictured above is the Banco da China version.

What makes it special? Every year since 2012 (the Year of the Dragon), Macau has been printing special 10 Pataca banknotes commemorating that year's Chinese zodiac animal. This note commemorates the Year of the Pig, with a design of a pig in red on the front and gold on the back; there is also a zodiac wheel, which has “Pig” in Chinese characters in bold at the top. The back of the note shows the Banco da China building on the left and A-Ma Temple in the center. This temple, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was built in 1488 and is considered a very integral part of Macau's culture; in fact, it is widely believed that the name “Macau” was derived from the name of temple (“Ma Gok” in the local dialect).

Why is it interesting now? January 1st may mark the beginning of the Gregorian calendar, but in 2019, the Chinese New Year falls on February 5th. Though this banknote was technically first issued in late 2018, its design pays homage to the Year of the Pig.

Did you know? During the Chinese New Year, children often receive red envelopes filled with money from their older family members. This custom is considered a way of transferring fortune to the younger generation, and the red color of the envelopes is a symbol of good luck. Hopefully, some lucky children received these pig banknotes in their envelopes this year!

Total graded by PMG: Because these notes are not yet listed in Pick, they are not currently in the population report; however, as of the writing of this article, 95 notes are showing as having been graded, with an additional 13 that received the Early Releases or First Releases designation.

PMG median grade: The median grade for these notes is 66 EPQ

PMG highest graded: 68 EPQ

Sales highlights: These Year of the Pig notes are very easy to obtain, and raw notes are selling on eBay for less than $5 (USD). Also, if submitted to PMG for grading, these notes can be encapsulated with a special pig logo on the label for an extra $5 per note. See our website for more details.

PMG Registry: Though there is a page set up on our website for the Banco da China 10 Patacas Lunar Series, it is currently very lonely: no sets are registered as of yet.

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