Mormon Notes Now Included in the PMG Population Report

Posted on 9/18/2018

PMG is proud to announce that Mormon notes are included in its updated population report.

Along with the new updates to the PMG Population Report, PMG has decided to release the population data for all previously graded Mormon notes. The section is called Mormon Dollars and can be found in the United States category. As of this writing, there have been 419 notes graded. The screenshot below shows a brief overview of what has been graded and what this section of the population report looks like.

Click on a denomination of your choosing to view all notes within that category. For example, after you click on $5:

The catalog number is shown in the first column followed by the series, denomination and total graded. If this is a note you are currently looking for, a "Shop eEay" button has been provided for convenience.

There are two ways to scroll across the various grades. A user can either use the gray bar to scroll from left to right or click anywhere inside the grid to click-and-drag.

Another useful tool is the filter button (found in green at the top right), which is an excellent way to narrow your search by grade and series.

The PMG team uses Mormon and Utah Coin and Currency by Alvin E. Rust as its main reference for Mormon notes. If we encounter an unlisted note in the Rust catalog, we use Mormon Currency 1837-1937 by Douglas A. Nyholm. The Rust catalog number or the Nyholm catalog number will appear on the label.

1840s $5 - Ohio, Kirtland
PMG graded Very Fine 25
An example of a note found in Rust.
Click image to enlarge.

1889 25 cents - Utah, Salt Lake City
PMG graded Fine 12
An example of a note mentioned only in Nyholm.
Click image to enlarge.

If a note is not listed in either reference, PMG uses a RUSTUNL number, which will appear on the label. This stands for Rust unlisted.

1890s - Utah, St. George
PMG graded Very Fine 20
An example of a note not found in either Rust or Nyholm.
Click image to enlarge.

This is the first time that PMG will list any obsolete or scrip note in its population report. Mormon currency has been added to the report for several reasons:

  • The market gravitates towards these two references and trusts what Rust and Nyholm have brought to the hobby.
  • We felt the overall quantity of notes was a large enough sample size to showcase these excellent notes.
  • Mormon notes are extremely popular, and we wanted to have a place for collectors and researchers to go to view a census report.

In addition to their presence in the population report, Mormon notes can be displayed in the PMG Registry as a signature set.

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