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Posted on 8/21/2018

New note from India and sets for Afghanistan and Poland are among the latest news from the PMG Registry.

On July 19th, the Reserve Bank of India announced that it will release a new 100 Rupee note. Measuring 66mm x 142mm, or 2 inches by 5 inches, this primarily lavender note will be the latest in the colorful collection of yellow, green, blue and magenta Rupee currency.

The front depicts a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. The back of the note reflects an image of the historic stepwell in the state of Gujarat, RANI KI VAV (Queen’s stepwell.) This spectacular and historic site has been a water resource and storage system since the 3rd millennium B.C.

The RBI has new security features that include a security thread window with color shifting inscriptions and a colorized thread that changes from green to blue. Other elements are intaglio printing and a see-through register with the number 100, RBI, INDIA, and 100 in micro lettering.

The current 100 Rupee note will remain in circulation and will eventually be phased out and replaced with this new, smaller version.

New Reserve Bank of India 100 Rupee note
Image courtesy of Reserve Bank of India

This note will be available in the PMG Registry here:

For other PMG Registry news, we are pleased to announce 11 new world sets, available now:


  • Bank of Afghanistan, 1939 Issue, P21-P27A
  • Bank of Afghanistan, 1948-1951 Issue, P28-P36
  • Bank of Afghanistan, 1961-1963 Issue, P37-P42
  • Bank of Afghanistan, 1967 Issue, P43-P46
  • Bank of Afghanistan, 1973-1978 Issue, P47-P53
  • Da Afghanistan Bank, 1979-1993 Issues, P55-P63
  • Da Afghanistan Bank, 2002 Issue, P64-P72
  • Da Afghanistan Bank, 2004 Issue-Date, P73-Date
  • ND (2004)/SH1383 Afghanistan Bank 500 Afghanis (Pick #73), front
    PMG graded Suberb Gem Uncirculated 67 EPQ
    Click image to enlarge.

    ND (2004)/SH1383 Afghanistan Bank 500 Afghanis (Pick #73), back
    PMG graded Suberb Gem Uncirculated 67 EPQ
    Click image to enlarge.


  • Commemorative Issues, 2014-Date, P187-Date
  • Commemorative Issues, 2006-2010, P178-P181
  • Commemorative Issues, 2011-2012, P183-P186

Many of our new sets are based upon customer requests. We enjoy hearing your collecting ideas and are happy to offer sets based in your areas of interest. If you have other ideas for new competitive PMG Registry sets, please reach out to us. You may reach us easily via email at with new ideas or if you need assistance with the website. Our team is happy to help.

If you're not familiar with the PMG Registry, take some time to explore it and see the many collecting options that are available. It is completely complimentary. Currency collectors can arrange Signature Sets based upon individual, personal collecting criteria, or complete existing competitive sets. Tracking inventory is easier than ever and with expansive slideshow and gallery views, your treasured collection can be fully viewable and well organized. Do you need help? Click below for our help links:


Do you have questions about the PMG Registry? Let us know exactly what your needs are. We look forward to seeing your notes in the PMG Registry. Reach us easily via email at

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