The 2018 PMG Registry Awards Winners

Posted on 8/17/2018

The results of the ninth annual PMG Registry Awards are in!

Each year PMG recognizes outstanding achievement in Registry set building. As the PMG Registry grows to include sets of all sizes from around the world, this becomes a more difficult task than in previous years. We are pleased to provide our winners with even better prizes this year and we applaud all the PMG Registry participants who make up this unparalleled community of collectors. Our panel of judges reviewed the top sets across every category. After much consideration they reached a consensus. Congratulations to our winners and many thanks to all who participate!

PMG Best Set Award

Best U.S. Set

Jack Ackerman - $5 Federal Reserve Note - District Set with Stars and Varieties

This year's Best U.S. award goes to long-time juggernaut, Jack Ackerman, for his $5 FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes) with Stars set. This astonishing set is one of the largest in the PMG Registry and tops out at 553,682 points. Overtaking one of 2017's award winners to become the overall leader in the $5 Federal Reserve Notes District Set with Stars and Varieties category, Jack Ackerman is now #4 in the overall PMG Registry rankings. Nice score increases this year led to several notes topping the 4,000 point mark. These additions brought Jack Ackerman's note score average to just under 1,000 points per note. It's clear collectors are interested as over 1,300 people have observed this vast collection of $5 Federal Reserve Notes. This category ranks among the top of PMG's most challenging groups as it has produced a few award winners. To achieve 75% set completion with such high quality notes reflects a strong dedication and passion for note collecting. There is strong reason to believe there could soon be a shuffle in PMG Registry's overall top three. Congratulations to Jack Ackerman for achieving this year's Best U.S. award.

Best World Set

Atul Kumar Singh - India Complete Type Set, 1917-Date, P1-Date

India has been a hotbed for collecting and continues to be a growing category in the PMG Registry. Atul Kumar Singh's Mission 2036 India Complete Type Set 1917-Date, Pick 1-Date is an excellent example. On a mission to remain atop the leaderboard in this category, Atul Kumar Singh made numerous upgrades to secure a comfortable 27,000+ point lead with over 62,000 points. With a larger field of 22 competitors, this is no small task. The set includes several notes with high grades upwards of 67EPQ and 66EPQ*. So it goes without saying that Mission 2036 is a set of superb quality. This award winning collection is 75% complete and has 75 images affording any collector the privilege of viewing.

Best Presented Set

Meso Numismatics - Banco Central De Costa Rica, 1950-Date, P215-Date

PMG's 2018 Best Presented award goes to Meso Numismatics for their Banco Central de Costa Rica 1950-Date, P215-Date Set. This collection is a nice display of notes from Costa Rica dating back to 1950. Nearly all of the notes are graded EPQ, and Meso Numismatics has provided 60 images for collectors to see. High scale printing and embossing are among the many attracting features of these notes. With over 300 views in its first year, this group of notes clearly boasts many compelling characteristics. This exceptional set from Costa Rica sits very comfortably atop its category.

PMG Overall Achievement Award

Overall Achievement Award


A major splash was made this year in the registry. With one of the highest scoring seasons ever, dustycat scored 629,539 points. Also with the second highest scoring average among point leaders, dustycat and his impressive display are certainly worthy of the 2018 Overall Achievement award. Ranking #6 overall in scoring, dustycat pounced on the competition with additions in Australia and Bermuda. Some of our top scorers have hundreds or even over a thousand notes in their collections. With only 240 notes, dustycat was able to outscore the competition by over 10,000 points and establish himself as a major player in the PMG Registry. This collection possesses an outstanding array of powerful notes in high quality with the majority receiving EPQ grades. If anyone is looking for competition in Australia, then they will find it when they see dustycat has 12 sets in the top two and 75% of his sets in the top five. And be sure to check out his world Signature Set featuring 32 images of high quality notes from Bermuda. Congratulations to dustycat as our Overall Achievement award winner.

Honorable Mention

Jerry and Diane Fishman Collection

One collection that made many outstanding contributions to the registry this year was the Jerry and Diane Fishman Collection. Coming in at #8 in the scoring rankings, Jerry and Diane were able to send a few competitors backwards down the number line by scoring over 500,000 points. Sets in this collection span both U.S. and World categories. Making all of their additions this year, this collection was one tremendous show of life demonstrated in the registry throughout the year. Taking home Honorable Mention, the Jerry and Diane Fishman Collection will look to be back on the train next year.

The PMG Registry is a free online community where collectors register and display their notes, interact with other collectors, and compete for awards and recognition. There is no fee to participate in the PMG Registry, only a free PMG Membership is required.

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