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Posted on 10/3/2017

The new PMG Journals allows users to write blogs and discuss them with other members.

The new PMG Journals has an improved design that makes it significantly easier to post and read Journals from any device, including smartphones and tablets. To get started, create a Journal and make an entry. Unlike the old PMG Journals, you create a single Journal and then add new entries to it. Your Journal can be customized with a cover photo, and you can choose to make it available to all users or only to the users that you select. You can also choose to receive notifications whenever people comment on one of your entries.

Scroll below for helpful tips on using the new PMG Journals or go to the new PMG Journals now >

Create your Journal by following these steps:

Log in at the PMG Chat Boards

Choose Journals from the Browse menu

Click Create a Journal

Use this page to set up your Journal. This is the ‘cover’ of your Journal. Name your Journal, add a description (tells us something about you), add a photo and choose if you want all users to see your Journal or if you would like it available to a specific audience only. Click Continue to move on to the next step where you can add your first entry.

Click Add Journal Entry to make your first entry in your Journal

Commenting on another user's Journal is easy. After selecting a Journal to read, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the field where you may enter your comments and see the comments others have posted.

To edit an entry, Choose Journals from the Browse menu

Click on the entry you wish to edit and then click Edit on the Entry Actions menu.

For assistance, contact PMG Customer Service at +1-800-PMG-5570 or

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