The 2017 PMG Registry Awards Winners

Posted on 7/28/2017

The results of the eighth annual PMG Registry Awards are in!

Each year PMG recognizes outstanding achievement in Registry set building. As the PMG Registry grows to include sets of all sizes from around the world, this becomes a more difficult task than in previous years. We applaud all the PMG Registry participants who make up this unparalleled community of collectors. Our panel of judges reviewed the top sets across every category. After much consideration they reached a consensus. Congratulations to our winners and many thanks to all who participate!

PMG Best Set Award

Best Large Size Set

Pennyman - Pennyman’s CSA Notes 1861

Confederate States of America notes continue their dominance in the registry and Large Size category once again in 2017 with Pennyman coming in as the recipient of the Best Large Size Set Award. Not only does Pennyman have the #1 leading set in the category of 1861 Complete Set CSA notes, but they also have the top three sets in the category! The top set is compiled of nearly all 1861 issues with the exception of the Montgomery issues as well as some of the other keys including the Indian Princess. These are hard commodities to come by, and Pennyman has been able to complete nearly 80% of the set with all notes having images and descriptions. With a 4,000+ point jump from 2016 and two more sets to boot, Pennyman is most deserving of this year’s Best Large Size Set.

Best Small Size Set

The Rock

Once in a while the PMG registry will have sets that make their mark on the industry due to incredible achievements in collecting. This year is a special year for small size as TheRock made some additions to Legal Tender sets that may never happen again. Jumping up nearly 70,000 points in one year, TheRock sits atop of the Small Size collectors by a substantial amount and looks to be in a position that could be tough to catch. Additions making this possible include a $2 1928B* graded 66 and $2 1928A* and 1928E* notes both grading 64EPQ. TheRock’s complete set is astounding in the fact that nearly all notes in every set across the board carries EPQ, and nearly all stars have been added. From the most common to the rarest of issues, TheRock’s high standards have kept him out front and continue to be the model for what high quality sets look like in the PMG registry. One dive into the Legal Tender section of TheRock’s profile will show any collector some amazing compilations of incredible notes. Congratulations to TheRock as 2017’s Best Small Size Award winner.

Best World Set

KB Coins - China Foreign Bank Notes

As China continues to make its presence known in the market, the PMG registry continues the trend. This year’s Best World Set goes to KB Coins for their China Foreign Bank Note Set. Including nearly 100 notes of Chinese Foreign Banks, the set has also gained notoriety from the community with 1,000 views. Possessing a variety of notes ranging from the ever popular Hong Kong, China Shanghai Banking Corporation and Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China to the Yokohama Specie Bank, this set presents a broad group of Chinese Foreign Bank notes. With more and more sets like this making their way onto the scene, expect to see more additions as the registry becomes more competitive. Congratulations to KB Coins for winning this year’s Best World Set.

Best Presented Set

Sheik Sheck

This year’s Best Presented Award goes to Sheik Sheck. With a central focus in U.S. notes, a look into Sheik Sheck’s profile will show a complete dedication to the PMG registry. One will see that all sets include images and descriptions of notes that hold attractive eye appeal. Often we see individual sets that are above the fray, but this cumulative effort to present multiple sets with images and descriptions puts Sheik Sheck on another level. Following this lead, any collector will see how to put together a great set from start to finish in several categories. Congratulations to Sheik Sheck as 2017’s winner of the Best Presented Award.

PMG Overall Achievement Award

Overall Achievement Award


Cannonball! This year’s Overall Achievement award goes without a doubt to ksausa. With an incredible splash into the registry, ksausa has achieved the #1 ranking in total registry points with a mind boggling 1,248,427 points! The accumulation of over 3,000 notes has taken ksausa straight to the top. Yes, that’s right… over 3,000 notes! The amount of notes and spread across categories is unbelievable as ksausa has sets in nearly all U.S. categories including Fractional, Confederate, Large and Small Size amounting to over 280 total sets. The vast spread of collecting also includes images for all notes. This dedication to the hobby and registry is one of great heights. Most certainly deserving of this year’s Overall Achievement Award - congratulations to PMG’s registry leader, ksausa, for an incredible year.

Honorable Mention

alan339933 - Alan’s Silver $1 Set w/ Stars & Blocks

It goes without saying there are sets in the registry deserving of attention that may not quite reach the ultimate status of receiving an award. This year we would like to recognize alan339933 as our recipient of the Honorable Mention. Alan’s Silver $1 Set w/ Stars and Blocks is a wonderful set of $1 Silver Certificates. The set includes over 300 images and descriptions and lays a great foundation for collectors to see. With over 2,500 views, it appears collectors are taking advantage and seeing what this set has to offer. A set most deserving of 2017’s Honorable Mention, congratulations to alan339933.

The PMG Registry is a free online community where collectors register and display their notes, interact with other collectors, and compete for awards and recognition. There is no fee to participate in the PMG Registry, only a free PMG Collectors Society Membership is required.

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