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Posted on 6/21/2017

The Bank of Canada releases new commemorative banknote featuring famous Canadians, nature scenes and artwork from Inuit and Metis artists.

The Bank of Canada has just released a commemorative $10 note in honor of the 150th anniversary of Confederation. This is just the fourth time in Canada’s history that a commemorative bank note has been issued.

The Bank of Canada Governor, Stephen S. Poloz announced, “This bank note is intended to captivate our imagination and instill pride in what we, as a nation, have accomplished…It celebrates the natural beauty and majesty of our land and some of the important parliamentarians who helped shape our great country.”

$10 Canada note, front (left), back (right)
Image credit: Banknote News
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The new $10 notes have many new and colorful features. For the first time in history, a banknote features an indigenous Canadian and a Canadian woman. Another first is that there are four individuals depicted on the front of this note. Those four famous Canadians are Sir John A. MacDonald, Sir George Etienne Cartier, Agnes Macphail and James Gladstone, also known as the Blackfoot member, Akay-na-muka. Parliament’s grand Hall of Honour floats behind the four figures. The back of the note features five beautiful nature scenes from various parts of Canada, including the Northern Lights. Indicative of the diverse population of Canada, the back of this colorful note also features artwork from Inuit and Metis artists.

“Canada’s diversity is our greatest strength,” said Ms. Petitpas Taylor, member of Parliament. “As we celebrate Canada 150 we are reminded of what makes us who we are—from our shared history, to our cultures and languages to the breathtaking natural beauty that is instantly recognized around the world.”

For security features, this note has new three-dimensional maple leaves and a color-shifting arch in the Memorial Chamber on Parliament Hill.

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