Notes Not Eligible for PMG Grading

Posted on 12/1/2018

Certain banknotes are not eligible for PMG grading and encapsulation:

  • Banknotes that have altered design features such as dates, imprints, serial numbers, denominations, watermarks, etc. and banknotes that are not genuine or of questionable authenticity are not certified by PMG. Learn more.
  • Most banknotes issued for reasons other than some form of socioeconomic exchange are not eligible for PMG certification.
  • Checks are not eligible for certification.

In addition, the following catalog numbers are not currently eligible for PMG grading:


  • Chile P-125-128


  • China P-469
  • China P-802
  • China P-865 in Red
  • China P-866 Block VI VIII IV (684)
  • China P-A83
  • China P-A83A
  • China P-A83H
  • China P-A83J
  • China P-S1737-S1738
  • China P-S1752
  • China P-S1788-S1789
  • China P-S3039-S3041
  • China P-S3215-3224
  • China P-S3243-3288
  • China P-S3333-S3341
  • China P-S3482
  • China S/M#C87-2
  • China S/M#C250-1r

Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica P-236x


  • Greece P-166


  • Iran P-M1
  • Iran P-M2
  • Iran P-M3
  • Iran P-M4
  • Iran P-M5


  • Iraq P-74a
  • Iraq P-74b
  • Iraq P-74c
  • Iraq P-76


  • Israel P-1s
  • Israel P-2s
  • Israel P-3s
  • Israel P-4s

Italian States

  • Italian States P-S884
  • Italian States P-S884s
  • Italian States P-S885
  • Italian States P-S885s
  • Italian States P-S885cts
  • Italian States P-S886
  • Italian States P-S886r

Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

  • Korea P-26
  • Korea P-41
  • Korea P-44


  • Laos 24a

Macau, China

  • Macau P-3
  • Macau P-3r

Nigeria (errors)

  • Nigeria P-34a-k
  • Nigeria P-37 through P-40

South Africa

  • South Africa P-S634s

Tannu Tuva

  • Tannu Tuva P-1 through P-4


  • Vietnam P-12a
  • Vietnam P-12b
  • Vietnam P-24a-x
  • Vietnam P-32
  • Vietnam P-32s
  • Vietnam P-34a
  • Vietnam P-76a
  • Vietnam P-76b
  • Vietnam P-114Ap

This list is not comprehensive and is periodically updated. If you are unsure whether your note is eligible for grading, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-764-5570 or

Updated January 17, 2020

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