The 2016 PMG Registry Award Winners

Posted on 10/14/2016

The results of the seventh annual PMG Registry Awards are in!

Each year PMG recognizes outstanding achievement in Registry set building. As the PMG Registry grows to include sets of all sizes from around the world, this becomes a more difficult task than in previous years. We applaud all the PMG Registry participants who make up this unparalleled community of collectors. Our panel of judges reviewed the top sets across every category. After much consideration they reached a consensus. Congratulations to our winners!

PMG Best Set Award

Best Large Size Set

Pierre Fricke - George Tremmel-Fricke

It was a very competitive year for Confederate notes this season as we had a major civil war (pun intended) in the Confederate States of America Complete Set category. Pierre Fricke edged out last year's Large Size award winner by compiling an outstanding set that is nearly 100% complete. Included in this set are all Montgomery issues as well as many of the more rare and highly desired Confederate Notes, which is an accomplishment in itself. With a 160,000 point increase in 2016, this set now sits comfortably at #6 in the top 10 of overall sets in the PMG Registry. With these kind of stats it is hard to deny Pierre Fricke the Large Size Award this year. As Confederate notes continue to increase in demand and with collectors hot on the heels of Fricke, one can only assume this area will continue to heat up across the board. Congratulations to Pierre Fricke, this year's Large Size winner.

Best Small Size Set

parti71 - Paul’s Dream Set

PMG's Small Size is one of the strongest areas one will find in the PMG Registry, and this year an outstanding set from a Fractional category stood out among the crowd. This year's small size award goes to parti71 for his complete Fractional Currency set named Paul's Dream Set. The only thing small about this set is the size of the actual notes themselves as the set includes 128 Fractional notes with over 80% graded Choice Uncirculated or better. Given the history and circulation of fractional currency, this is a great feat to collect so many high graded examples. Paul's Dream Set ranks at the top of the Fractional Currency Complete Set category with over 100,000 points and maintains a comfortable 5,000 plus point lead over second place. Paul's Dream Set also ranks #21 overall in the PMG registry, and with some upgrades may find itself inside the top 20 before too long.

Best World Set

mozq69 - Polskie Banknoty: 1916-2014-WZORY

It was yet another competitive year in the world category, and mozq69 came out on top as 2016's Best World set winner. Breaking through as one of PMG's Signature Sets, mozq69 has combined early and later specimens to build a set very deserving of the award. The set is made up of specimens ranging from 1916-2012 with all but a single note grading Choice Uncirculated or better! This set also received a lot of attention among collectors as numerous members took the opportunity to see all 71 photos that accompany each note in the set. Looking at the collection of notes, it is easy to put this Polish specimen set among the top in the PMG registry.

Best Presented Set

Scary Bear - California Scrip

It is not often that collectors have the opportunity to see such a group like Scary Bear's collection of California Scrip and Obsolete notes. Winning 2016's Best Presented set, Scary Bear features nearly 80 notes from California during the Gold Rush and Great Depression. Taking full advantage of the registry, Scary Bear has included photos of all the notes in the collection allowing enthusiasts to view notes of a nice variety from an area not frequently highlighted or seen in the registry. As scrip and obsolete notes continue to make their way into the market, sets like Scary Bear's are blueprints for future sets joining the PMG registry scene.

Best Overall Set

STEVE R - STEVE R Collection - 2156 $1 FRN District Master Set

The 2016 award for Best Overall Set goes to STEVE R for his $1 FRN District Master Set. This set is an amazing compilation of over 600 $1 Federal Reserve Notes that is nearly 100% complete with photos and descriptions for each note. Not only is the amount of notes astounding, but the set also has all but two notes graded EPQ! STEVE R is clearly on a mission with $1 Federal Reserve Notes as they also have master sets II, III, and IV in the category for overflow from this phenomenal set. Easily ranking #1 in the category, STEVE R is over 60,000 points in front and has made great additions in 2016 including three notes graded with the star designation as well as adding 1974 back plate error notes to the set. It's rare to see such a set consisting of so many of the top notes from PMG's population report. Creating a set like this takes a dedication and passion above and beyond, and STEVE R has clearly demonstrated what it takes to achieve this year's Best Overall Set award.

PMG Overall Achievement Award

Overall Achievement Award


The PMG registry award for overall achievement in 2016 goes to STEVE R. This makes STEVE R a two time winner in 2016 along with his award for Best Overall Set, and he is most certainly deserving of the awards. Since 2008, STEVE R has made contributions to the registry totaling over 2,000 notes with a strong focus in Small Size. With close to 200 sets total and ranking 11th in total registry points, it is hard to wrap one’s mind around the idea that STEVE R has over 70 sets ranked #1 in PMG's registry! He has become a serious power house among our top collectors. It is rare to see a collector take home two awards in one year, but there is no question STEVE R is deserving of this difficult award with one look at his bio filled with activity. As STEVE R begins to branch out into Large Size and some World areas, look for the overall ranking to crack into the top ten very soon. STEVE R’s homepage.

The PMG Registry is a free online community where collectors register and display their notes, interact with other collectors, and compete for awards and recognition. There is no fee to participate in the PMG Registry, only a free PMG Collectors Society Membership is required.

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