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Posted on 8/16/2016

The Seventh Annual PMG Registry Awards; Check out our new Australia, Liberia, Sri Lanka & Thailand sets.

It’s hard to believe September is right around the corner already and so are the annual PMG Registry Awards! What do you need to do to participate? If you have created a PMG set and added notes, and it is visible on our website, then your set is considered for awards. You do not need to do anything further to be eligible. Our senior PMG team is looking forward to reviewing all the eligible sets, and we truly appreciate all the efforts that you, our valued collectors, have put into assembling them. The deadline for you to make changes for this awards period is September 16. (Any changes you make after September 16 will only be considered for the following year’s awards period.) We plan to announce our winners on Friday, October 14. Best of luck to all! You may read about the awards details here: The 2016 PMG Registry Awards.

Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of time before the September deadline to make changes to your existing sets and create new ones. You could be a winner in one of these brand new world PMG sets. Check them out now by clicking on the links below:


  • Australia: Commonwealth of Australia Reserve Bank, 2002-2009 Issues, P57-P61

PMG Registry: Australia

Sir Lanka

  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: Ceylon, British Administration, 1809-1856 Issues, P3-P8
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: Ceylon, British Administration, 1885-1919 Issues, P11-P20
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: Ceylon, British Administration, 1914-1919 Issues, P16-P20
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: 1941 First Issue, P30-P33
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: 1941 Second Issue, P34-P39
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: 1942 First and Second Issues, P40-P45

Additional Sri Lanka/Ceylon sets coming soon:

  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: 1926-1932 Issues, P21-P29
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: 1951 Issue, P47-P53
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: 1953-54 Issues, P54-P55
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: 1956 Issue, P56-P61
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: 1987-89 Issues, P96-P101
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: 1991 Issue, P102-P107
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: 1995 Issue, P108-P113
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon: 2010 Issues, P123-P128

PMG Registry: Sri Lanka/Ceylon


  • Thailand: 1992-1996 ND Issue Series 14 P96, P97, P103
  • Thailand: 1997-2005 ND Issue Series 15 Set, P102, 104, 107, 109, 114, 115
  • Thailand: 2005-2015 ND Issue Series 16 Set, Pick Unlisted

PMG Registry: Thailand

We are also working on creating these new Liberia sets in the coming weeks:

  • Liberia: Treasury Department, 1857-1862 Issues, P6-P9
  • Liberia: Treasury Department, 1876-1880 Issues, P10-P16
  • Liberia: Republic, 1989-1999 Issues, P19-P25
  • Liberia: Central Bank of Liberia, 2003 Issue, P26-P30

Once they are completed, you will find them here:

PMG Registry: Liberia

Do you have PMG world notes and are unsure where they may belong? Shoot us an email at with your request, and we are happy to assist you.

If you're not familiar with the PMG Registry, take some time to explore it, and see the many collecting options that are available. It is completely complimentary. Currency collectors can arrange Signature Sets based upon individual, personal collecting criteria, or complete existing competitive sets. Tracking inventory is easier than ever, and with expansive slideshow and gallery views, your treasured collection can be fully viewable and well organized. Do you need help? Click below for our help links:


Do you have questions about the PMG Registry? Let us know exactly what your needs are. We look forward to seeing your notes in the PMG Registry. Reach us easily via email at

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