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Posted on 2/16/2016

Commemorative note issued to mark China's advancement in aerospace science and technology.

The front of this unique 100 Yuan banknote, the fourth commemorative note issued by People’s Bank of China, features a coat of arms, Dongfanghong I satellite, a Shenzhou 9 manned spacecraft and the Tiangong-1 space station. The Chang’e 1 lunar-orbiting spacecraft is also depicted on this blue, purple, and green note.

People’s Bank of China Commemorative Aerospace Banknote, front.
Image credit: CRI English

The back of the note depicts a bird, Fung Joe Guey biplane, jumbo jet, Shenzhou 9 and Tiangong-1, and the Chang’e 1 spacecraft. Among the security features is a windowed security thread with printed * 100 *.

People’s Bank of China Commemorative
Aerospace Banknote, back.
Image credit: CRI English

This lovely note was released on November 26, 2015 to commemorate China’s advancement in aerospace science and technology. The PMG grading team has already begun grading these. Look for these new notes to be added to the China Registry soon!

The PMG Registry is part of our continued commitment to expert, impartial grading, state-of-the-art encapsulation, collecting resources and the highest standards of integrity. Our PMG grading team has been working diligently on the influx of notes submitted from a variety of countries. We are excited and honored to receive so many submissions at our shows around the world and also here at our home offices.

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