PMG Special Label and Designations for New Chinese Aerospace ¥100 Note

Posted on 11/20/2015

2015 Chinese Aerospace 100 RMB notes can be submitted to PMG for a special PMG aerospace-themed label and, if they qualify, the "First Day of Issue" designation. Special submission instructions apply. For current Services & Fees, click here. For current PMG labels, click here.

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) will offer a special label for the 2015 Chinese Aerospace 100 RMB Note that is scheduled to be released on November 26, 2015. This highly anticipated note is the first commemorative ¥100 issued by China since the 2000 Year of the Dragon New Millennium Note and the first commemorative note since 2008’s Beijing Olympics ¥10.

The special PMG aerospace-themed label features a satellite reminiscent of the Chang’e 1 lunar satellite shown on the front of the note. The new note will also depict the Shenzhou-9 capsule docking with the Tiangong-1 space lab on the front as well as a history of flight on the back.

Note: This special label will be available until December 31, 2016. Notes will then receive PMG's standard green label.

China Pick# 910fr, 2015 100 Yüan "First Releases",
PMG Graded 69 Superb Gem Unc EPQ
Click image to enlarge.

PMG will also offer “Early Releases” and “First Releases” designations for 2015 Chinese Aerospace ¥100 notes received by PMG within 30 days of the note’s release (November 26). This is the first time that PMG has offered these designations, which have been used by its affiliate, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), for a number of years.

“Early Releases” and “First Releases” are used interchangeably and either designation may be requested by the submitter for qualifying notes. Notes with these designations are listed separately in PMG’s Population Report.

Submitters may request the “Chinese Aerospace Day [Date]” pedigree to celebrate Chinese Aerospace Day, which is held each year on April 24. The date must be the same year as the year in which the notes are submitted. For example, Chinese Aerospace notes submitted in 2018 may be pedigreed “Chinese Aerospace Day 24.4.2018." This pedigree may be requested with the PMG Standard Green label (#0001).

PMG Aerospace Label Submission Instructions

  • The PMG Aerospace Label will be the default label for all submissions of 2015 Chinese Aerospace ¥100 notes.
  • To qualify for Early Releases or First Releases notes must be received at a PMG office by Thursday, December 24, 2015. Request either “Early Releases” or “First Releases” in bold letters on the PMG Submission Form.
  • Notes for these designations and/or the PMG Aerospace Label must be submitted on separate submission forms. Do not mix Early Releases and First Releases on the same submission form.
  • Submit the notes under any applicable PMG grading tier. There is an additional US $5 fee (35 RMB if submitted in China) for the Early Releases or First Releases designation verification and attribution. If no special designation is requested, there will be no additional fee.
  • If you would prefer that PMG encapsulate these notes in its standard label with no aerospace design or designations, write “Use Standard PMG Label” in bold letters on the PMG Submission Form.
  • If you would like the original packaging returned, select or write “Return Packaging” in bold letters on the PMG Submission Form. There will be an additional US $3 fee (20 RMB if submitted in China) per invoice if return packaging in selected.

In addition to the PMG Aerospace Label and Early Releases and First Releases special label designations, PMG will offer a “First Day of Issue” designation for notes received by PMG within one business day of the first day of issue. See the First Day of Issue submission instructions below. Notes with the First Day of Issue designation will be listed separately in PMG’s online Population Report.

First Day of Issue Submission Instructions

  • All notes must be received at a PMG office by 10:00am on November 27, 2015.
  • Write “First Day of Issue” in bold letters on the PMG Submission Form.
  • There is a minimum submission requirement of 100 notes for this designation.
  • An additional fee of US $10 (or 65 RMB if submitted in China) per note will apply for the special designation verification and attribution.

Along with the Chinese Aerospace ¥100, China will issue a Chinese Aerospace ¥10 bimetallic coin. NGC, an independent affiliate of PMG, will offer its popular First Day of Issue, Early Releases and First Releases designations and a special label for qualifying coins. For more information, visit the NGC website.

All submissions in China must be made to an Official Submission Center. For a list of Official Submission Centers in China, click here. Paid PMG Collector members and PMG Authorized Dealers may submit directly to PMG in Hong Kong, China and the United States. Not a member? Join today!

Questions? Contact PMG Customer Service:
United States (Headquarters): +1 941 309 1001 or
China: +86 400-635-8226 or
Hong Kong, China: +852 2115 3639 or

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