The 2015 PMG Registry Award Winners

Posted on 10/16/2015

The results of the sixth annual PMG Registry Awards are in!

Annually, PMG recognizes outstanding achievement in Registry set building. Selecting this year’s award winners was not an easy task. There are some truly spectacular sets in the PMG Registry. We are impressed with and inspired by the achievement of the collectors who make up this community. We thank all of the participants in the PMG Registry for their willingness to share their collecting experience with us.

Our panel of judges, made up of PMG graders, reviewed the top sets across every category. After much consideration they reached a consensus. Congratulations to our winners!

PMG Best Set Award

Best Large Size Set

L&L Coins - 1861 Confederate Notes

We have had some amazing contenders in US Large Size type notes, but this year the Registry had a standout set from the Confederate Notes category. The 2015 award for best Large Size Set goes to L & L Coins and their 1861 Complete Set of 1861 Confederate Notes. A very challenging set for collectors as it's comprised of early Confederate issues, this set is ranked #1 and is 84% complete. L & L Coins jumped up over 25,000 points in 2015 bringing their rank among the best sets in all categories to 13th overall and total points to an astounding 118,158 eclipsing the six digit milestone. What puts this set ahead of the field is the phenomenal amount of notes and conditions they possess. L & L Coins has acquired some of the most sought after Confederate notes with only a few to go. This is one of the gems of the Registry well worth viewing with 32 photos. Please be sure to check out this amazing Confederate set!

Best Small Size Set

BJG Cuba - 1929 Federal Reserve Bank Notes

This year's Best Small Size Set goes to BJG Cuba for their Small Size Federal Reserve Bank Note Set Complete with Stars. The set is over 80% completed and features several high denomination regular issue and star notes graded Choice and Gem Uncirculated. With 80 photos to view, anyone can see what a nice collection this has become. We fully expect the hunt to continue for BJG Cuba as completion is in sight with only stars remaining. With a 75,000 point lead and a number 1 rank to boot, it was hard to deny this set as one of our Best Small Size Sets of 2015.

Best World Set

James Mullen - People's Republic from 1953-Present

2015 was a great year for PMG's World Registry. We saw many new additions, and were thrilled to see the competition stirring up across the board. Asia saw a lot of activity with one set in particular standing out among the crowd. James Mullen's People's Republic from 1953-Present set leads the way with 94% completed and a comfortable 7,274 point lead. What puts James Mullen's set ahead of the field is the amount of high grade EPQ notes. Nearly all of the notes have been graded Gem EPQ and higher with the exception of four high denominations from the 1953 series where James Mullen has still been able to acquire very respectable grades of Choice Uncirculated, About Uncirculated and a high end Very Fine. With this type of scoring, we expect to see this at the top for quite some time.

Best Presented Set

Riccee - The "RICCEE V" Collection $1 SC All Blocks with Stars

Best Presented Set for 2015 goes to Riccee for The "RICCEE V" Collection $1 SC All Blocks with Stars set. Riccee has used the Registry to its utmost potential by putting together an immense set of education and visual appeal. Along with each note, of which many carry high gem and superb gem uncirculated grades, are well over 300 photos and descriptions. This gives the collector every ability to look into the magnificent collection Riccee has been able to acquire. Not only is the set attractive due to the high amount of images and informational descriptions to give the collector a deeper look, but it also ranks #2 in a set type that is a task in itself. If there is any interest in Small Size Silver Certificates or you are seeking any lessons to take away from the Registry's capabilities, look no further than The "RICCEE V" Collection $1 SC All Blocks with Stars.

Best Overall Set

The Rock - The DeRocker Collection Legal Tender Complete, All Stars, All Varieties, All Blocks

The Best Overall Set for 2015 is a set that is astonishing not only for its contents but also the incredible quality of every note in the set. The DeRocker Collection Legal Tender Complete, All Stars, All Varieties, All Blocks is made up of some of the highest graded Small Size Legal Tenders anyone will come across in the Registry. The set is flooded with superb gems, and The Rock met one of the biggest challenges of the Registry in 2015 when he added a 1503* $2 1928B Legal Tender graded 66 EPQ! A grade that almost seems unthinkable for this note added a whopping 13,069 points to the set giving The Rock a 38,000 point separation, further securing the lead. A passion for collecting is clearly demonstrated with this addition, and there is no doubt The Rock will continue the quest for perfection as the set nears completion. A heavyweight contender to say the least, The Rock has set the tone for 2016, and we look forward to what is to come!

PMG Overall Achievement Award

Overall Achievement Award


Competition across the Registry has heightened dramatically in recent years with 2015 being one of the most active years yet. As collectors explore the US Large and Small Size sets, they will continue to see one collector stand out among the groups. Ranking #1 overall in the Registry with over 1 million points, alex3001 is most deserving of our Overall Achievement award for 2015. The activity continues to amaze us as seven sets have been 100% completed, and alex3001 has been able to surpass previous Registry winners. With one look at alex3001's profile anyone can see the amazement in sets compiled of over 600 notes, 25 sets ranking #1, and high completion percentages throughout. As the first collector to eclipse the 1 million point mark, alex3001 extends their lead to over 170,000 points in the overall standings. It is one thing to compete for individual sets, but alex3001 has shown they are out to be the top dog for overall achievement in 2015.View all of alex3001 sets here.

The PMG Registry is a free online community where collectors register and display their notes, interact with other collectors, and compete for awards and recognition. There is no fee to participate in the PMG Registry, only a free PMG Collectors Society Membership is required.

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