PMG Grading BEP 2015 $2 Triple Deuce Set

Posted on 6/18/2015

Notes from the BEP's Triple Deuce Set will receive a special pedigree.

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) will offer a special pedigree and discounted encapsulation service for the BEP's 2015 $2 Triple Deuce Set. The three notes from the set will be encapsulated in the PMG Multi-note holder.

Submission Instructions:

  • Notes must be received in the original BEP packaging.
  • If you would like the packaging returned, select Return Mint Packaging on the PMG Submission Form (additional $3 fee per invoice).
  • Notes from the Triple Deuce Set must be submitted on their own invoice.
  • If you would like notes to receive the "UNC" grade, notes may be submitted under the PMG Economy grading tier for a flat rate of $25, which includes the grading and Multi-holder fees for all three notes.
  • If you would like eligible notes to receive the "GEM" grade, add an additional $2 per set and write "CHECK FOR GEM" in bold letters on the submission form. Only those notes that meet PMG's grading standard for GEM will receive that grade.
  • If you would like the notes to be numerically graded, submit under the PMG Economy tier and the $25 fee will apply to each note. There will also be an additional $25 fee for the PMG Multi-holder for numerically graded sets.
  • The five (5) note minimum for the PMG Economy tier is waived for submissions of these sets.
  • Write "2015 $2 Triple Deuce Set" in the pedigree column on the submission form.

Submitters should contact PMG for bulk submission instructions and guidelines.

Questions? Contact PMG Customer Service at or 1-877-PMG-5570 (1-877-764-5570).

Collectors Society paid members can submit their notes directly to PMG. Not a PMG Collectors Society member? Paid memberships start at just $39/year. Join as a Premium member, or upgrade to Premium membership, and you'll receive a $150 credit to PMG. Join today.

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