New HSBC 150th Anniversary Hong Kong Note

Posted on 6/5/2015

PMG will offer a special pedigree to commemorate the release of the HSBC 150th Anniversary note. *** Notes are now being released by HSBC ***

HSBC has announced that it will issue a special HKD150 note to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the bank’s establishment in Hong Kong, China in March 1865. The note design features various images that represent the past 150 years of Hong Kong history.

HSBC 150th Anniversary Note, obverse
HSBC 150th Anniversary Note, reverse

Single notes will be sold for HKD380, 3 note uncut sheets will be sold for HKD1,380 and 35 note uncut sheets will be sold for HKD23,880. All of the net proceeds will be donated to charity according to HSBC. Interested collectors can complete an application to purchase these notes on the HSBC website. Successful applicants will be informed by HSBC on April 14, 2015.

Selected Number Anniversary Banknotes with special serial numbers will also be sold at auction. Single notes will be sold for HKD8,888, 3 note uncut sheets will be sold for HKD13,888 and 35 note uncut sheets will be sold for HKD68,888.

To commemorate this release, PMG will encapsulate these notes with a pedigree of “HSBC 150th Anniversary.” Selected Number Anniversary Banknotes will receive the additional pedigree of “Selected Number.” The original packaging is not required to qualify for this pedigree.

To submit, select the applicable PMG grading tier based on the note value. Selected Number Anniversary Banknotes must be submitted under the Standard tier or higher.

PMG will encapsulate both single notes and 3 note uncut sheets. For submissions of the 3 note uncut sheets, select Custom Holder under Services. The fee for the 3 note multi holder is $25 and the grading fee must be paid for each note. 35 note sheets cannot be accepted.

If you would like the packaging returned, select or write “Return Packaging” (additional $3 fee per submission).

Images courtesy of Banknote News

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