PMG Announces October Hong Kong Expedited Grading Special

Posted on 9/11/2014

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) will host another expedited grading special at its Hong Kong office in October.

This event follows on the heels of PMG’s highly popular expedited grading special held in conjunction with the August Hong Kong Coin Show.

Modern notes (1961 to date) submitted to PMG’s Hong Kong office for its expedited grading special by October 9 will graded, encapsulated and ready for pick up at the Hong Kong office by October 24. To participate in this expedited grading special, simply use the expedite fees below on the PMG Hong Kong Submission Form and write “Expedite” in bold letters.

PMG’s expedited grading special turnaround is less than half the standard turnaround time for submissions to PMG’s Hong Kong office. With a guaranteed turnaround time, the expedited grading special allows submitters to plan better knowing exactly when their notes will be graded, encapsulated and ready for pick up.

Collectors and dealers should call or email the Hong Kong office to schedule an appointment to submit.

Phone: +852 2115-3639

PMG Expedited Grading Special Fees

Tier Maximum Value Per Note(USD) Fee per Note (USD)
Bulk Modern (1961-present)* Up to $300 $25
Bulk Consecutive Notes* Up to $300 $20
Economy† Up to $1,000 $45
Economy Special Up to $1,000 $50
Standard Up to $3,000 $60
Express Up to $10,000 $125
WalkThrough Up to $25,000 $250
High Value WalkThrough $25,001 - $50,000 $400
Unlimited WalkThrough $50,001 and up $250 + 1/2%

* Fifty (50)-note minimum
† Five (5)-note minimum

Important note: If your PMG Expedited Grading Special submission is not completed by October 24, PMG will refund the difference between its expedited grading fee and its standard grading fee.

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