More World Sets Have Been Added to the PMG Notes Registry

Posted on 5/20/2014

New sets for 15 countries have been added!

More new sets have been added to the PMG World Note Registry. Registry sets for Solvenia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tatarstan, Tonga, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Zaire and Zambia are now available for a total of 45 new sets. Review the list below to see if there is a collecting option that suits your style:

    Solvenia - 4 new sets:
    1. Slovenia Complete Set
    2. Republika Slovenije Set
    3. Banka Solvenije Set
    4. Commemorative Issues Set
    Sri Lanka - 4 new sets:
    1. Sri Lanka Complete Set
    2. Central Bank Of Ceylon Set
    3. Central Bank of Sri Lanka Set
    4. Commemorative Issues Set
    Sudan - 4 new sets
    1. Sudan Complete Set
    2. Sudan Currency Board Set
    3. Bank of Sudan Set
    4. Central Bank Of Sudan Set
    Tatarstan - 4 new sets:
    1. Tatarstan Complete Set
    2. Ruble Control Coupon Issues Set
    3. Privatization Check Issue Set
    4. Currency Check Issues Set
    Tonga - 4 new set:
    1. Tonga Complete Set
    2. Government Of Tonga Set
    3. Kingdom Of Tonga Set
    4. National Reserve Bank Of Tonga Set
    Turkey - 3 new sets:
    1. Turkey 1909-2009 Issues Set
    2. State Notes of The Ministry of Finance Set
    3. Central Bank Of Turkey Set
    Turkmenistan - 1 new set:
    1. Turkmenistan Complete Set
    Uganda - 1 new set:
    1. Uganda Complete Set
    Ukraine - 4 new sets:
    1. Ukraine 1917-2007 Issues Set
    2. Control Coupon Issues Set
    3. Ukrainian Central Bank Set
    4. Ukrainian National Bank Set
    Uruguay - 3 new sets:
    1. Uruguay 1918-2011 Issues Set
    2. Departamento De Emision Set
    3. Banco Central Del Uruguay Set
    Vanuatu - 3 new sets:
    1. Vanuatu Complete Set
    2. Central Bank Blong Vanuatu Set
    3. Reserve Bank Blong Vanuatu Set
    Venezuela - 3 new sets:
    1. Venezuela 1940-2007 Issues Set
    2. Printed By ABNC Set
    3. Printed By TDLR Set
    Yugoslavia - 7 new sets:
    1. Yugoslavia Complete Set
    2. Ministry Of Finance Set
    3. National Bank Kingdom Of Serbs Croats and Slovenes Set
    4. Kingdom Of Yugoslavia National Bank Set
    5. Democratic Federation Of Yugoslavia Set
    6. Narodna Banka - National Bank Set
    7. National Bank Of Yugoslavia Set
    Zaire - 2 new sets:
    1. Banque Du Zaire Set
    2. Nouveau Zaire System Set
    Zambia - 1 new set:
    1. Zambia Complete Set

Start your collection now and you could be a participant in the 2014 PMG Notes Registry Awards. Just take a look at the categories that interest you and start your own collection in the Registry. If you're not familiar with the PMG Notes Registry, take some time to explore it and see the many collecting options that are available.

If you don't see the set categories that interest you, drop us a note and let us know. Reach us by e-mail at registry@PMGnotes. We look forward to seeing your collection in next year's competition.

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