New Sets Have Been Added to the PMG World Registry

Posted on 4/7/2014

The PMG World Note Registry has grown again!

More new sets have been added to the PMG World Note Registry. Registry sets for Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Rwanda, Sarawak, Saint Helena, Saint Pierre & Miquelon, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Somalia, Southwest Africa, Spain and Timor are now available for a total of 53 new sets. Review the list below to see if there is a collecting option that suits your style:

    Nigeria - 4 new sets:
    1. Nigeria Complete Set
    2. WW I Emergency Issue Set
    3. Federation Of Nigeria Set
    4. Federal Republic Of Nigeria Set
    Pakistan - 4 new sets:
    1. Pakistan Complete Set
    2. Government Of Pakistan Set
    3. State Bank Of Pakistan Set
    4. Reduced Size Issues Set
    Papua New Guinea - 3 new sets:
    1. Papua New Guinea Complete Set
    2. Commemorative Issues Set
    3. ND Regular Issues Set
    Romania - 5 new sets:
    1. Romania 1909-2005 Issues Set
    2. Ministry Of Finance Set
    3. Banca Nationala A Romaniei Set
    4. Banca Republicii Populare Romane Set
    5. Banca Nationala A Republicii Socialiste Romania Set
    Rwanda - 1 new set:
    1. Rwanda Complete Set
    Sarawak - 1 new set:
    1. Sarawak 1919-1940 Issues Set
    Saint Helena - 1 new set:
    1. Government Of Saint Helena Set
    Saint Pierre & Miquelon Arabia - 4 new sets:
    1. Saint Pierre & Miquelon 1920-1964 Issues Set
    2. Chambre Of Commerce Set
    3. Caisse Centrale De La France Libre Set
    4. Saint-Pierre-Et-Miquelon Set
    Saudi Arabia - 5 new sets:
    1. Saudi Arabia Complete Set
    2. Haj Pilgrim Receipt Issue Set
    3. King Faisal Set
    4. King Fahd Set
    5. King Abdullah Set
    Scotland - 13 new sets:
    1. Scotland 1908-2012 Issues Set
    2. Bank Of Scotland Set
    3. British Linen Bank Set
    4. Clydesdale Bank PLC Set
    5. Clydesdale Bank Limited Set
    6. Clydesdale And North Of Scotland Bank Bank LTD. Set
    7. Commemorative Issues Set
    8. National Bank Of Scotland Limited Set
    9. National Commerical Bank Of Scotland Limited Set
    10. Royal Bank Of Scotland Set
    11. Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC Set
    12. Royal Bank Of Scotland Limited Set
    13. Sterling Issues Set
    Somalia - 6 new sets:
    1. Somalia Complete Set
    2. Somalia - Republic Set
    3. Somalia - Democratic Republic Set
    4. Somali National Bank Set
    5. Banca Nazionale Somalia Set
    6. Central Bank of Somalia Set
    Southwest Africa - 1 new set
    1. Southwest Africa Complete Set
    Spain - 4 new sets:
    1. Spain 1900-1996 Issues Set
    2. First Issues Set
    3. Second Issues Set
    4. Postage Stamp/Disk Issues Set
    Timor - 1 new set:
    1. Timor Complete Set

Start your collection now and you could be a participant in the 2014 PMG Notes Registry Awards. Just take a look at the categories that interest you and start your own collection in the Registry. If you're not familiar with the PMG Notes Registry, take some time to explore it and see the many collecting options that are available.

If you don't see the set categories that interest you, drop us a note and let us know. Reach us by e-mail at registry@PMGnotes. We look forward to seeing your collection in next year's competition.

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