The PMG Registry grows again!

Posted on 2/25/2014

The latest updates to the PMG Registry bring 18 new countries with 70 new sets. Look for your favorite now!

More new sets have been added to the PMG World Note Registry. Registry sets for Guyana, Ireland - Northern, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgystan, Lao, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Libya, Macau, China, Macedonia, Malawi, Mali, Malta, Memal, Monaco, Montenegro and Morocco are now available for a total of 70 new sets. Review the list below to see if there is a collecting option that interests you:

    Guyana - 1 new set
    1. Guyana Complete Set
    Ireland - Northern - 11 new sets:
    1. Ireland - Northern Complete Set
    2. Allied Irish Banks LTD. Set
    3. Allied Irish Banks Public Limited Company Set
    4. Bank Of Ireland Set
    5. Belfast Banking Company Limited Set
    6. Commemorative Issues Set
    7. First Trust Bank Set
    8. National Bank Limited Set
    9. Northern Bank Limited Set
    10. Provincial Bank Of Ireland Limited Set
    11. Ulster Bank Limited Set
    Kenya - 3 new sets:
    1. Kenya Complete Set
    2. President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta Set
    3. President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi Set
    Kuwait - 3 new sets:
    1. Kuwait Complete Set
    2. Kuwait Currency Board Set
    3. Central Bank Of Kuwait Set
    Kyrgystan - 4 new sets:
    1. Kyrgystan Complete Note Set
    2. Kyrgyz Republic Set
    3. Kyrgystan Bank Set
    4. Kyrgyz Bank Set
    Lao - 4 new sets:
    1. Lao Complete Note Set
    2. Banque Nationale Du Laos Set
    3. Pathet Lao Government Set
    4. Bank Of The Lao PDR Set
    Latvia - 7 new sets:
    1. Latvia Complete Note Set
    2. Latvian Government Currency Note Set
    3. Latvian Small Exchange Note Set
    4. Latvian Government State Treasury Note Set
    5. Bank Of Latvia Set
    6. Republic Government Set
    7. Latvijas Bankas Naudas Zime Note Set
    Lebanon - 5 new sets:
    1. Lebanon Complete Set
    2. Banque De Syrie Et Du Grand-Liban Set
    3. Banque De Syrie Et Du Liban Set
    4. Banque Du Liban Set
    5. Government Banknotes Set
    Lesotho - 3 new sets:
    1. Lesotho Complete Set
    2. Lesotho Monetary Authority Set
    3. Central Bank Of Lesotho Set
    Libya - 5 new sets:
    1. Libya Complete Set
    2. Treasury Note Set
    3. National Bank Of Libya Set
    4. Bank Of Libya Set
    5. Central Bank Of Libya Set
    Macau, China - 6 new sets:
    1. Macau, China Complete Set
    2. Portuguese Administration Set
    3. Japanese Administration - WWII Set
    4. Portuguese Administration - Post WWII
    5. Banco Da China Set
    6. Special Administrative Region Set
    Macedonia - 3 new sets:
    1. Macedonia Complete Set
    2. National Bank Of Macedonia Set
    3. National Bank Of The Republic Of Macedonia Set
    Malawi - 3 new sets:
    1. Malawi Complete Set
    2. President Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda Set
    3. President Muluzi Set
    Mali - 3 new sets:
    1. Mali Complete Set
    2. Banque Centrale Du Mali Set
    3. Banque De La Republique Du Mali Set
    Memal - 1 new set:
    1. French Administration - Post WWI
    Monaco - 1 new set:
    1. Monaco Complete Set
    Montenegro - 3 new sets:
    1. Montenegro Complete Set
    2. Treasury Set
    3. Royal Government Set
    Morocco - 4 new sets:
    1. Morocco Complete Set
    2. Protectorat De La France Au Maroc
    3. State Bank Of Morocco Set
    4. Post WWII Set

Start your collection now and you could be a participant in the 2014 PMG Notes Registry Awards. Just take a look at the categories that interest you and start your own collection in the Registry. If you're not familiar with the PMG Notes Registry, take some time to explore it and see the many collecting options that are available.

If you don't see the set categories that interest you, drop us a note and let us know. Reach us by e-mail at registry@PMGnotes. We look forward to seeing your collection in next year's competition.

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