World Paper Money Price Guide Review

Posted on 1/28/2014

Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to use the PMG World Paper Money Price Guide.

Good day to everyone! And Happy New Year!

I would like to cover a simple review of a great free tool that we offer on our website. It’s called the World Paper Money Price Guide which is powered by NumisMaster. This guide is the most comprehensive world price guide on the Internet. We are proud to work with Krause Publications on this project.

This guide essentially is the Pick catalog at your fingertips. No need to franticly flip through three different volumes of 3,749 pages. Let this online guide work for you.

Below is a step-by-step guide to using the World Paper Money Price Guide.

First, go to our website: There are two places where you can find the link on our main page. Either hover your mouse over “PMG Research” and than click on “World Paper Money Price Guide” or you can scroll down near the bottom of the page and click “Try it now”.

Either way, you will arrive on this page.

There are two ways to search for your note: by term and by criteria. By Term is at the top of the screen and by criteria is on the second half of the page. I will discuss how to find notes with both of these features.

Let’s start with searching for a note using using a term.

The note we will be looking for is one I wrote about last year. Let’s not go there yet (although it’s a good read - I recommend you read it later!). The point of this exercise is to figure out the Pick number. In order to make this a realistic experience I have blacked out all the pertinent information.

Let’s return to the “Search by Note – Search Terms” box. In that box type the country followed by the year. This is the best model to use when searching for any world note in this box. As you are typing a drop down box will generate. So far you should have this:

Now is the time to figure out the denomination of our note. In this case we have the 10 Mil Reis Ouro. Click on that line. Once you do that this page will load.

This is where it might get a little tricky, but stay with me as you are doing just fine. The first column is the Pick number followed by an image of that note (not all notes have images). In this example we have pictures for each 10 Mil Reis Ouro. Our job is to figure out which note is ours by comparing our note to the picture as best as possible. You might be saying, “The note is way too small to see clearly.” To see a larger image, simply click on the picture. Your mouse will turn into a magnify glass and you can enlarge the picture. Go ahead – give it a try.

When you think you have chosen the correct note, click on the green selection box.

If you selected Pick 11 than you have the right note. This is the screen that you should be on right now. The difference between Pick 10 and Pick 11 is that Pick 10 doesn’t have any black overprints whereas Pick 11 does.

Again we have the picture of our note at the top left, and certain descriptions about the note at the top right. These come straight from Krause Publishing and we have no control over this information. The same goes for the picture or the pricing information at the bottom. Scroll down and you can see what this note is worth in Fine 12. If you like this note you can search for it on eBay by clicking the shop link.

The second way we are going to try to find this note is “Search by criteria.”

In order to use this method you will need the first three boxes filled in. Don’t worry everything is supplied for you via drop down boxes. When all three boxes are filled in click the search button.

Country and denomination are pretty straight forward and the “Issuer Name” is the bank that issued the note. There is no need to enter anything in “Enter Series” or “Pick Number”. If you forget what any field is you can always click on the green question mark.

From there the process is just the same as the first example.

That’s it. Try it out with a few notes from your collection. Not only does this great tool have loads of information but it also has pricing and an option to try to find that note.

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