PMG Grades the Wilmore Collection of Fancy Serial Numbers

Posted on 12/6/2013

PMG graders recently had the opportunity to grade an extensive collection of special serial number notes.

Owned by collector Mel Wilmore, the collection is made up of over 300 United States notes that exhibit “fancy” serial numbers. Serial numbers on notes from the collection include low serial numbers, solids, ascending and descending ladders as well as a great set of roll over pairs.

“Mr. Wilmore has put together a collector's dream with examples of all types of fancy serial numbers dating from 1928 to present,” said Chad Hawk, PMG Finalizer. “we are honored that he chose PMG to grade and encapsulate his collection.”

$1 1928A Silver Certificate, Solid 1s
$2 1953 Legal Tender Note, Solid 1s
$5 1988 Federal Reserve Note Chicago, Solid 7s
$10 2003 Federal Reserve Note Boston, Serial Number 1
$20 1985 Federal Reserve Note Philadelphia, Serial Number 1
$50 1990 Federal Reserve Note Chicago, Solid 7s
$100 2001 Federal Reserve Note San Francisco, Solid 1s

When it came to choosing a company to grade and encapsulate his paper money, Mr. Wilmore had a list of characteristics he felt strongly the company should exemplify including:

  • Unquestioned acceptance among both collectors and dealers
  • Integrity of the firm
  • Strictly unbiased grading
  • Superior turn-around time
  • Accuracy of the final grades
  • Confidence in the firm's ability to enhance the value of his collection

Utilizing dealer Mike Abramson and auctioneer Lyn Knight, Mel considered all of these factors and more, and then chose to work with PMG. His collection has now been encapsulated professionally, safely, at a competitive price and delivered on time as promised by PMG. Mr. Wilmore is looking forward to having, (what is arguably the largest known currently intact collection of small size special serial numbered banknotes), auctioned by Lyn Knight Currency Auctions at the CPMX show, March 6 - 9, 2014 in Chicago.

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