Military Payment Certificate Receives a Grade of 70

Posted on 11/21/2013

PMG graders recently had the pleasure of examining an unquestionably flawless Military Payment Certificate and awarding it a grade of 70.

The series 611 five-cent note displayed vibrant coloration with even ink distribution and exceptional embossing in addition to perfect plate and registration centering. Since beginning operations in 2005 PMG has graded more than 500,000 notes and less than five have been awarded the distinction of achieving a grade of 70.

Military Payment Certificate Series 611 five-cent note

“The outstanding eye-appeal was the first thing I noticed when reviewing this note,” said Bruce Thornton, PMG Finalizer. “The note stood out on many levels – it easily achieved the benchmarks set for a note to grade 70.”

Military Payment Certificates (MPCs) were issued and distributed after World War II through the end of the Vietnam War. They were used to pay military personnel stationed all over the world. MPCs were fully convertible to US dollars upon leaving a designated MPC zone, and convertible to local currencies when going on leave. Over 113 million series 611 Military Payment Certificates were issued in denominations of five, ten, twenty-five and fifty cents and one, five and ten dollars. This series was used in Cyprus, Japan, Korea, and Libya where they were introduced into circulation in January 1964 and removed on April 28th, 1969.

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