PMG World Notes Registry Continues to Grow

Posted on 10/14/2013

With 56 new sets to choose from, the PMG World Notes Registry is sure to have a collecting option that interests you!

The PMG Notes Registry continues to expand! With fourteen new country categories there are even more to ways to collect. The new countries included are Andorra, Austria, Azores, Bahrain, Bhutan, Biafra, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Greenland, Iceland, Isle Of Man, Japan, Jersey and Kazakhstan and there are 56 new competitive sets to enjoy. Please see the following set types to see if there is a collecting option that interests you:

    Andorra - 1 new set:
    1. Spanish Civil War Issue Set
    Azores - 1 new set:
    1. Azores Complete Set
    Austria - 7 new sets:
    1. Austria Complete Set
    2. Austro-Hungrian Bank Set
    3. War State Loan Bank Set
    4. Oesterreichisch-Ungarischen Bank Kassenschein Set
    5. Austrian National Bank Set
    6. Austrian Government Set
    7. Allied Occupation - WWII Set
    Bahrain - 4 new sets:
    1. Bahrain Complete Set
    2. Bahrain Currency Board Set
    3. Bahrain Monetary Agency Set
    4. Central Bank Of Bahrain Set
    Bhutan - 4 new sets:
    1. Bhutan Complete Set
    2. Royal Government Of Bhutan Set
    3. Royal Monetary Authority Of Bhutan
    4. 2006 Series Set
    Biafra - 1 new set:
    1. Bank of Biafra Set
    Cambodia - 7 new sets:
    1. Angkor Wat Set
    2. Cambodia Complete Set
    3. Banque Nationale Du Camboge Set
    4. Bank Of Kampuchea Set
    5. State Bank Of Democratic Kampuchea Set
    6. Peoples National Bank Of Cambodia
    7. National Bank Of Cambodia
    Cape Verde - 4 new sets:
    1. 1909 - 2007 Complete Set
    2. Banco Nacional Ultramarino Set
    3. Banco de Cabo Verde Set
    4. 1999-2000 Issue Set
    Greenland - 2 new sets:
    1. Greenland 1888 - 1953 Issues Set
    2. State Note Set
    Iceland - 8 new sets:
    1. Iceland Complete Set
    2. Landssjod Islands Set
    3. Islands Banki Set
    4. Rikiissjod Islands Set
    5. Landsbanki Islands Set
    6. Landsbanki Islands-Sedlabankinn Set
    7. 1941 Emergency WW II Issue Set
    8. Central Bank Of Iceland
    Isle of Man - 4 new sets:
    1. Isle Of Man Complete Set
    2. Queen Elizabeth II Set
    3. Reduced Size Issue Note Set
    4. Westminster Bank Limited Set
    Japan - 6 new sets:
    1. Japan Complete Set
    2. Paper Currency Issue Set
    3. Paper Money Issue Set
    4. Convertible Silver Note Set
    5. Convertible Gold Note Set
    6. Allied Military Currency - WWII Set
    Jersey - 4 new sets:
    1. Jersey Complete Set
    2. German Occupation WWII Set
    3. British Administration Set
    4. Commemorative Issues Set
    Kazakhstan - 3 new sets:
    1. Kazakhstan National Bank Set
    2. Kazakhstan Ulttyk Banki 2006 Issue
    3. Kazakhstan Commemorative Issues Set

The winners of the 2013 PMG Registry Awards have been announced. Your name could be on the winners list for 2014. Just take a look at the categories that interest you and start your own collection in the Registry. If you're not familiar with the PMG Notes Registry, take some time to explore it and see the many collecting options that are available.

If you don't see the set categories that interest you, drop us a note and let us know. Reach us by e-mail at registry@PMGnotes. We look forward to seeing your collection in next year's competition.

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