PMG Registry has Expanded - Again!

Posted on 9/17/2013

The PMG Registry has added four new countries, a new Design by Denomination US category and additional Fractional Currency sets.

The PMG Notes Registry has expanded again! On the world side there are now country categories for Albania, Algeria, Costa Rica and Thailand. On the US side there are new sets in the Fractional Currency category and a new category for Design Sets by Denomination. Please see the following set types for more detailed information:

    Albania Sets - 5 new sets:
    1. Albania Complete Set
    2. Italian Occupation 1939-42
    3. Peoples Republic - Banka E Shtetit Shqiptar
    4. Peoples Socialist Republic - Banka E Shtetit Shqiptar
    5. Republic - Banka E Shqiperise
    Algeria Sets - 4 new sets:
    1. Algeria 1903-2011 Complete Set
    2. Allied Occupation Set
    3. French Administration - Post WWII Set
    4. Region Economique D' Algerie Set
    Costa Rica Sets - 15 new sets:
    1. Costa Rica 1902-2010 Complete Set
    2. Banco Central De Costa Rica Set
    3. Banco Internacional De Costa Rica Set
    4. Banco Nacional De Costa Rica Set
    5. Silver Certificate Issue Set
    6. Commemorative Issues Set
    7. Caja De Conversion Set
    8. Series A Banco Internacional De Costa Rica Set
    9. Series B Banco Internacional De Costa Rica Set
    10. Series C Banco Internacional De Costa Rica Set
    11. Series D Banco Internacional De Costa Rica Set
    12. Series E Banco Internacional De Costa Rica Set
    13. Series F Banco Nacional De Costa Rica Set
    14. Series G Banco Nacional De Costa Rica Set
    15. Series A Banco Central De Costa Rica Set
    Thailand Sets - 16 new sets:
    1. Thailand 1902-2007 Set
    2. Commemorative Issues Set
    3. "Series Special" Set
    4. Japanese Intervention WW II Set
    5. 1902 Issue Series 1 Set
    6. 1925 Issue Series 2 Set
    7. 1934-35 Issue Series 3 Set
    8. 1939 ND Issue Series 4A Set
    9. 1942-45 ND Issues Series 5 Set
    10. 1945 ND First Issue Series 6 Set
    11. 1945 ND Second Issue Series 7 Set
    12. 1946 ND Issue Series 8 Set
    13. 1948 ND Issue Series 9 Set
    14. 1968-75 Series 10 & 11 Set
    15. 1978-81 ND Issue Series 12 Set
    16. 1985-92 ND Issue Series 13 Set

    Fractional Currency additions: - 7 additional sets:
    1. Fractional Currency 24 Piece Design Set
    2. Fractional Currency 6 Piece Denomination Set
    3. Fractional Currency First Issue Denomination Set
    4. Fractional Currency Second Issue Denomination Set
    5. Fractional Currency Third Issue Denomination Set
    6. Fractional Currency Fourth Issue Denomination Set
    7. Fractional Currency Fifth Issue Denomination Set
    New US Category - Design Sets by Denomination - 7 new sets:
    1. $1 Small Size Design Set
    2. $2 Small Size Design Set
    3. $5 Small Size Design Set
    4. $10 Small Size Design Set
    5. $20 Small Size Design Set
    6. $50 Small Size Design Set
    7. $100 Small Size Design Set

The deadline for the 2013 PMG Registry Awards is right around the corner. Please have your sets online by Friday, September 20th to be considered for top honors in the annual Awards. If you're not familiar with the PMG Notes Registry, we urge you to take some time to explore it and see the many collecting options that are available to you.

If you don't see the set categories that interest you, drop us a note and let us know how you want to collect by e-mailing us at registry@PMGnotes. We look forward to hearing from you.

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