PMG Updates Online Note Verification Tool

Posted on 7/16/2013

The popular PMG certification verification web resource has been updated.

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) has updated its popular online Note Verification tool. Available for free on, Note Verification displays a note’s PMG grade and details after a PMG certification number is inputted. This service gives buyers greater confidence that a PMG holder is authentic and unaltered.

In April 2011, PMG added the ability to search by a note’s serial number so that visitors could see whether a note had been previously certified by PMG and, if so, its PMG grade. This data was available even if a note was raw or graded by a different third-party grading service. Prospective buyers could then compare the note’s current grade to the one previously assigned by PMG.

The Serial Number Search feature revealed that many notes received different grades at other certification services. Over the last two years, this tool has added significantly more transparency to the collectible note marketplace. Collectors and dealers are now better aware of the difference between PMG’s grading standards and those employed by other grading companies.

After these successes, PMG believes that the ability to search by serial number is no longer needed by the marketplace. Therefore, PMG has decided to remove the Serial Number Search from its website. This change does not affect the traditional Note Verification tool, which will continue to allow visitors to search by PMG certification number.

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