More PMG Note Registry World Sets are Available

Posted on 6/13/2013

25 sets in six countries have been added to the PMG World Notes Registry.

New world sets were recently introduced to the PMG Notes Registry. The following sets are now available:

  • Czechoslovakia - 5 sets:
    1. Czechoslovakia Complete Set
    2. Republika Ceskoslovenska Set
    3. Narodni Banka Ceskoslovenska
    4. Revalidation Adhesive Stamps
    5. Czechoslovak State Bank

  • Egypt - 4 sets:
    1. Egypt Complete Set
    2. Queen Nefertiti Set
    3. King Tutankhamen Set
    4. Egypt 1899-1912 Series Set

  • Mongolia - 4 sets:
    1. Mongolia Complete Set
    2. Sukhe-Bataar Set
    3. Genghis Khan Set
    4. State Treasury Notes - "Unissued Set"

  • Slovakia - 4 sets:
    1. Slovakia Complete Set
    2. Slovak National Bank
    3. Republic Of Slovakia
    4. 2000 Commemorative Issue

  • Suriname - 5 sets:
    1. Suriname Complete Set
    2. Zilverbon Set
    3. 1986-88 Issue Anton DeKom Set
    4. 1991-97 Issue Central Bank Building
    5. 2000 Issue Birds Set

  • Tahiti - 3 sets:
    1. Tahiti Complete Set
    2. Banque de L'Indochine Set
    3. Institut D'Emission D'Outre-Mer Set

Build sets in one of our competitive categories or create your own Signature Sets and compete for top honors in six categories in the annual PMG Registry Awards. If you're not familiar with the PMG Notes Registry, we urge you to take some time to explore it and see the many collecting options that are available to you.

If you don't see the set categories that interest you, drop us a note and let us know how you want to collect by e-mailing us at registry@PMGnotes. We look forward to hearing from you.

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