New World Note Registry Sets Announced

Posted on 3/18/2013

The options for showcasing world notes in competitive sets keep increasing in the PMG Registry.

The PMG Registry is growing at an astonishing rate, and now offers collectors over 2,500 different Competitive Sets in more than 300 categories in which to showcase their collection. We’re continuing to add new categories based on user requests, and we’re particularly excited about all of the new World Note sets we're introducing -

  • Australia - 5 sets

  • Bahamas - 5 sets

  • Bermuda - 6 sets

  • Malaya - 3 sets

  • Malaya & British Borneo - 3 sets

  • Seychelles - 6 sets

  • Straits & Settlements - 2 sets

Build Competitive sets in one of our categories or create your own Signature Sets and compete for top honors in six categories in the annual PMG Registry Awards. If you're not familiar with the PMG Notes Registry, we urge you to explore it.

Our goal is to provide the set categories that you want so you can showcase your own collection. Let us know how you want to collect by e-mailing us at registry@PMGnotes.

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