The Paragon Collection

Posted on 12/18/2012

The amazing Paragon Collection is being featured in the Heritage FUN Auction.

In many regards, a life is often defined by a series of momentous events connected by periods of relative tedium. The same can – undoubtedly – be said about the path that many collectors of paper money take over the course of a lifetime in numismatics. For those passionate about Fractional Currency, an interlude is soon coming to an end with the swift approach of the winter Florida United Numismatist convention and the sale of the Paragon Collection by Heritage Auctions.

Easily the finest collection of US Fractional Currency found on the PMG Note Registry, the numerous type- and complete-sets that comprise the Paragon Collection are laden with examples of unimaginable quality. Representing a near-polar opposite of more typical collections, the Paragon Collection almost exclusively includes notes graded with the “EPQ” designation. The few notes graded below the lofty realm of Gem Uncirculated seem to be outliers among the group. Unabashed quality is the rule. All of the specialized sets that represent the Paragon Collection’s compliment of Fractional Currency have maintained their place at the zenith of their respective categories within the PMG Note Registry for multiple years. In some cases – such as the three Complete Type Sets residing in the 1st, 2nd, & 5th spots for their category – redundancy within the collection only serves to further strengthen the overwhelming position the sets possess across the Registry.

For numismatists interested in the unique history surrounding US Fractional Currency as well as the unabashed superiority of quality for their collections, the sale of the Paragon Collection of Fractional Currency represents the legacy of one collector. For some collectors, it may also signify one of the rare moments to define – at least in part – a continuing lifetime of research and passionate pursuit in the world of numismatics.

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