From the Grading Room: “Gods, Generals, and Banknotes”

Posted on 11/20/2012

The grading team at PMG was recently privileged to certify a group of notes from the personal collection of New York Times Bestseller and Boyd Award winning author, Jeff Shaara.

As a leading figure in the field of historical fiction, Shaara’s work is held in the highest regard by critics and Civil War enthusiasts alike. Marking the start of his literary career with the masterful work Gods and Generals – the critically acclaimed prequel to Mike Shaara’s The Killer Angels – Shaara was rocketed into the hearts and minds of Civil War devotees across the country.

Shaara is able to craft stories which provide readers with glimpses of the humanity and – in many cases - the fragility of the individuals that did much to shape the trajectory of U.S. history when these kinds of stories are so easily lost to stereotypical narratives centered on the “great men” in history. Furthermore, by keeping his narratives firmly rooted in accurate and representative historical context, Shaara has been able to solidify his place among the best within his genre.

Beyond his work as an author, Shaara’s interest in the Civil War expanded to the realm of numismatics with his collection of Confederate and Southern States currency. The highly representative group of notes for the period seems to mirror Shaara’s prose, which often supplies a rich and engaging narrative that is exemplary in breadth and depth. The grading team is always interested in sharing their passion for collecting and the history attached with each note with fellow enthusiasts, and the opportunity to participate in the numismatic interests of such a leading figure in Civil War history and literature was a true pleasure for all involved.

In a recent and exciting development, the Confederate notes from Shaara’s collection are to be offered along with an autographed copy of Gods and Generals. A true prize for any Confederate Currency collector or Civil War enthusiast. Tendering his perspective on the opportunity to work with Shaara and share a common passion for numismatics and the history of the Civil War, noted coin and currency dealer Jeff Garrett had this to say: “I have known Jeff Shaara for nearly 30 years. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to sell a collection that I know is important to Jeff. His books about the Civil War are the finest ever produced, and anyone who is a fan of his work will want to own one of these notes.”

We are confident that this will provide further occasion for collectors to connect with an author so gifted in the ability to bring history to life and to bring another piece of that rich history into their own lives.

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