The 2012 PMG Registry Award Winners

Posted on 10/5/2012

We congratulate everyone on their individual accomplishments in each and every set.

The results of the third annual PMG Registry Awards are in. Each of the PMG graders sat on the judging panel and after much consideration reached consensus on this year's winners. We would like to commend this year's Registry Award winners for their commitment to numismatics as well as their willingness to share their truly extraordinary collections with us all.

PMG Best Set Award

Best Large-Size Set

Mike's Notes
Black Eagles with Stars
Judges' Comments: It is difficult to argue with perfection and this set has undoubtedly achieved that in spades. With every note represented and only a single note not imaged, Mike's Black Eagle set is not only well presented but also includes some of the finest examples of these popular, large-size silver certificates to be found on the PMG Registry. The obvious kingpin of this extraordinary set is the 229a graded at a 64 EPQ, garnering 5,428 points alone. Many other competitive sets in this category are either devoid of this key note or have included circulated examples. This would simply not do, however, for a collection of this quality. With only 3 notes grading lower than Uncirculated, 2 missing the EPQ designation, and numerous examples graded at the mind-blowingly exceptional level of 68 EPQ it would be particularly difficult to even attempt to remove this set from its place at the summit of this highly competitive category within the Registry. Once again, Mike's Notes has produced another masterpiece that quite simply left our panel of judges astounded.

Best Small Size Set

WEG Emergencys; Part 1: N. Africa, the Ultimate Challenge
Judges' Comments: Combining quality and historical significance, WEG's extensive collection of North African Emergency small-size silver certificates is an overwhelming example of numismatic excellence. Of particular interest is the inclusion of a very attractive example of the unimaginably difficult Fr. #2308 graded VF 30. The fact that the note is included at all represents a major achievement for any collector of paper money, but the added satisfaction of holding such a strong and visually appealing specimen is certainly deserving of acclaim. With only the 1934 $10 "B-A" block and the epically scarce 1934 $10 star missing from the set, this collection is as complete as would be plausible. Additionally, WEG's Ultimate Challenge is a shining example of the full utilization of the PMG Registry with all represented notes both imaged and individually described. With only two notes to go — ultra rarities they may be — before full completion is attained, our panel of judges has no doubt that WEG is hot on the trail of a 1934 $10 star and will remain an honored member of the PMG Registry for many years to come.

Best World Set

Bseiso Collection
Iraq Currency Board Banknotes
Judges' Comments: The owner of this set suggests: "A challenging and rewarding set to complete." Truer words were surely never spoken when in reference to a collection of world currency of this class and nuance. Many other frequenters of the PMG Registry have apparently shared our judge panel's sentiments in regard to Bseiso's collection of early Iraqi currency as the set has been viewed an impressive 1,189 times. One note that stood out to the judges panel was the first signature variety of the 1931 1 Dinar (Pick #3a) graded as a smart-looking VF 20. With bold color and wonderful eye-appeal, this specimen would be a worthy addition to any collection and is only one of many similar examples to be found in Bseiso's set. Further establishing this Signature Set at the top of all World Sets on the Registry is the fact that every included note is imaged and further detailed by specific signature information. With only 15 notes remaining, our judges are sure Bseiso will continue his quest and that this set will certainly continue to impress.

Best Presented Set

Allied Military Currency Japan Area (Zone) "A"
Allied Military Currency Japan Area (Zone) "B"
Judges' Comments: Either of these two numismatically phenomenal and historically interesting Registry sets would be worthy of praise and a clear candidate for a Registry Award. When taken as a pair, however, the passion and focus shown by Greysoldier in the assembly of these sets made their selection for recognition in this year's awards unanimous amongst the judges. Both sets include issued notes — in nearly every case — graded at extraordinary levels, exceedingly difficult replacement notes, and historically significant specimen notes to paint a wonderfully full and complex picture of the entire series. Complete with stunning images for all notes included to-date, cogent historical context, and engrossing detail relating to the printing and issuance of these AMC notes for the Japanese zone, Greysoldier has created a pair of collections that are the archetype for what avid collectors can achieve when building a collection and sharing it with other collectors on the PMG Registry.

Best Overall Set

Judges' Comments: With so many outstanding sets populating the PMG Registry, selecting the best overall registry set was challenging to say the least. However, the Riccee's Ultimate $1 Silver Certificate Set intrigued our judges and is unquestionably one of the finest sets across the entire Registry. Combining nearly every aspect of collecting that numismatists hold so dear — in this case the multifaceted and simultaneous quests for physical, statistical, and grade rarity — this collection is wonderfully imaged and includes a cacophony of exceptional notes. One note that stood out to the panel of judges was the gorgeously original 1935 mule, star note (Fr. #1607m*) graded at PMG 40 EPQ. With only 5 notes in the PMG Population Report, this particular variety would be difficult in any grade and is easily one of the most impressive notes from the collection due to its extraordinary quality. Another example that stood out as particularly note-worthy from a truly mind-bending collection was Riccee's 1935A "R" Experimental Silver Certificate star-note (Fr. #1609*). Our judges were not fooled by the notes apparently humble grade of PMG VF 25. Upon further examination, one discovers a specimen that is a true rarity — only 12 exist within the PMG Population Report — with phenomenal eye-appeal for the grade. When all of the accolades are compiled, Riccee's Signature Set would easily best many other Competitive sets in the Registry and will now find itself — rightfully — atop of the PMG Registry for 2012.

PMG Overall Achievement Award

Overall Achievement Award

EMO Collection
This year's Achievement Award goes to a collector who has been extremely active on the PMG Registry over the past year. With a substantial group of Signature Sets focused on the banknotes of Cuba but ranging from issued silver certificates to printer's essays to notes with courtesy autographs, the EMO Collection makes broad use of the Registry. Of particular interest to the judges was a group of exceptional Banco Nacional de Cuba notes from the early 20th century with specimen notes and progress proofs featuring central vignettes — tracing the evolution of the design of many of the notes — included in this archival-quality collection. With rich descriptions for each set listed and full imagery for nearly every note currently recorded, the EMO Collection makes outstanding use of the full capabilities of the Registry and makes a special group of world banknotes available for all to experience and enjoy.
EMO Collection's homepage

Honorable Mention

American Freedom
With so much activity over the past year on the PMG Registry there were numerous collectors considered for this year's Registry Awards. With active participation in nearly every available category for competitive US Registry sets and regular use of the Journals feature to track the progress of the collection, American Freedom represents the best of what paper money collecting is about. With several sets ranked in the top-3 of their respective categories and an overall profile rank of 4th across the entire PMG Registry, American Freedom earned the praise of our judges and will surely continue to build upon what is quickly shaping up to be a remarkable collection of large- and small-size US bank notes.
American Freedom 's homepage

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